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Global Image Consultant | TEDX Speaker | Coach | Benaisha Kharas

Benaisha Kharas

Benaisha Kharas

"I gathered all my strength & decided to change my own destiny" Benaisha Kharas

Factors You Would Say Contributed To This Choice Of Path:

My childhood was a defining path to who I am today. It not just taught me about the things I wanted from my life but it also made me realise that I wanted to be someone who my younger self would have needed then.

What Challenges & Limitations Did You Have To Overcome In Order To Find Your Success:

I am a dyslexic individual. I have learning disabilities. That made a lot of normal tasks quiet challenging for me. I grew up with a lot of self doubt and thus I was not confident about anything that I took up in my early childhood. That took a toll on my emotional wellbeing too. All of these moments only made me realise that I was the only person who could help myself. This went on to be my only way out, when I gathered onto all the strength I had within and decided to change my own destiny.

Accepting Of Things And People The Way They Are:

I would say that I am definitely a person who likes to accept people as they are. This is why I really wish that the world is more accepting too. I have always had this thought as a child that the only thing I wanted was for people to accept me the way I was – with both my abilities and my disabilities.

As An Influencer, Parameters You Use To Measure Success:

People’s love fills me up all the time. The direct messages I receive on Instagram or the emails sent to me with notes that read : “You are exactly what I needed in my life to upgrade or you are inspirational”, never fail to reach my heart. The kind note that I receive keep telling me how much my actions/ words mean to some people and their lives. This gives me immense hope and this is what is success for me.


Importance Of Personal Style, Branding And Evolution Of The Concept With Time:

It's an important concept in contemporary culture. We tend to go buy anything in a super market that has a good wrapper on it . We have started to build trust with brandings. Clothing and grooming are our human branding. It not only helps boost our self image but it also helps build our trust and value in the eyes of others investing their time, money , energy, resources and relationships with us. Personal style is a by-product of branding. It’s like a fingerprint. We all have it – but it’s all different and that is how we are defined.

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