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Dev Gadhvi -Founder of Passionpreneur Movement | Two Time Best Selling Author I TEDx Speaker

Dev Gadhvi

Dev Gadhvi

"Transform your struggles into stepping stones, invest in self-growth, and follow your passion relentlessly.” Dev Gadhvi

Humble Beginnings in Adipur, Gujarat: Facing Challenges and Shaping Aspirations

I hail from the town of Adipur, situated in Kutch, Gujarat. Born into modest circumstances, my early life was molded by the challenges that came with residing in an underprivileged neighborhood. My father’s occupation as a truck driver and mother's role as a homemaker underscored the family's humble existence. The locality I lived in was often marred by the unsettling sounds of inebriated altercations and gambling. In spite of limited resources, my mother persevered to get both her sons a good education in an English Medium School.

One of the vivid memories from my childhood was the daunting experience of using a communal public toilet. They lacked basic hygiene, were dirty and often smelled bad because of the street pigs wandering around. Sometimes, the pigs even intruded because the doors would be half broken. Such conditions might seem unfathomable to many, but they were a harrowing reality for my younger self, and a side of of my life that I have rarely ever shared.

Amidst these challenges, the younger me firmly believed in the power of education as my escape. I envisioned a future where hard work, academic diligence, and a steady job would pave the way for success, growth, and a life far away from the hardships of the early years in Adipur. This conviction became the foundation for my aspirations and the driving force behind my relentless pursuit of a brighter future.

The Turning Point: From Corporate Success to Entrepreneurial Passion

At the age of 36, I had everything I ever dreamed of - a spacious three-bedroom apartment in a safe and good locality, a steady income, and a job at a renowned multinational. Having built a stable career, I was enjoying what many may call a successful corporate life. However, my burning desire and calling to be an entrepreneur took over, and I quit my corporate career at the age of 36 and set out on a journey to meet my destiny in entrepreneurship. It was this decision that was truly the turning point in my life.

My Journey into Self-Development

Having quit my job in 2018, I immersed myself in the world of self-development for 2 years and enrolled in two training courses at Grant Cardone University and Dan Lok University. I believe that if you add value to the market, the universe will reward you in unimaginable ways. It was this belief that prompted me to seek the mentorship of some of the leading names in the world of entrepreneurship, which has contributed immensely to my growth and shaped the value that I add.

Unveiling 'Passionpreneurship

My concept of 'Passionpreneurship' is a blend of following one's passion while simultaneously embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship. At its core, 'Passionpreneurship' stands for the belief that individuals should not only chase success in the traditional sense but should do so by aligning their career paths with what they are genuinely passionate about. It propagates the idea that when one's work is a reflection of their innermost passions, it doesn't feel like work but becomes a source of joy, fulfillment, and profound impact. This concept is beautifully elaborated in my book, - 6 Sundays a Week Life.

The 'Passionpreneur Mastermind' program that I've crafted aims to help individuals discover their genuine passions and turn them into profitable businesses. The goal is to create successful ventures without compromising your true self or settling for less than what’s desired.

The impact of this program has been remarkably transformative. People find a profound sense of clarity in their professional paths, a renewed & increased drive to pursue their passions, and concrete success in their endeavors. Aligning work with passion not only brings financial success but also cultivates a profound sense of purpose and fulfillment to daily life.

From Best-Selling Books to 'Entrepreneur Wala Khoon' Rap Song

Two of my best-selling books, "80% Mindset, 20% Skills" and "6 Sundays a Week Life," reflect my perspective on success, passion and entrepreneurship. That has been an earnest attempt to leave an indelible mark across different mediums, In "80% Mindset, 20% Skills," I have chronicled my personal journey by diving into the trials, tribulations, and triumphs I have faced while encapsulating my core belief: that achieving success is heavily driven by one's mindset. Skills are crucial, but it's the mindset that truly dictates how those skills are harnessed. I provide a pragmatic step-by-step guide to transforming one's life, the secret to success in a structured manner.

The book "6 Sundays a Week Life" challenges the conventional work-life structure. It encourages readers to embrace 'Passionpreneurship' and advocates liberation from the standard 9 to 5 grind to live a life where every day feels like a Sunday, driven by passion, not obligation.

Beyond my literary accomplishments, I showcased my versatility with a rap song "Entrepreneur Wala Khoon" in October 2022. An anthem of empowerment, this song is a testament to my multifaceted talents as I took on the roles of writer, singer, and performer.

The song resonates deeply with its listeners, urging them to rise above mediocrity and embrace a life defined by passion and purpose.. Its catchy beats combined with its potent message make it a clarion call for budding entrepreneurs and dreamers alike. It is a big hit amongst my community and is the anthem at each of my events.

Through my writings, music, and various initiatives, I continue to inspire and impact countless individuals, urging them to look beyond the ordinary and seek a life of purpose and passion.

Awards, Publications, and Speaking Engagements in My Entrepreneurial Journey

My stature in the entrepreneurial and self-development arenas has been significantly bolstered by my recent recognitions and my active participation in influential platforms.

Awards and Recognition: My recent accolade from Russell Brunson stands as a testament to my entrepreneurial prowess. Being recognized for achieving $10 million through my groundbreaking campaign, 'Passionpreneur Mastermind', places me in a league of notable business achievers. This particular honor not only highlights my capability to conceptualize and execute a successful campaign but also amplifies my credibility in the entrepreneurial realm. Additionally, being acknowledged by the 'Times 40 under 40' further cements my position as one of the leading influencers in my field, recognizing my innovative contributions and impact at such a young age.

Speaking Engagements: My role as a TEDx Speaker and Josh Talks Speaker are crucial elements amplifying my influence.

Publications: I have been featured in several International and Indian publications like Forbes, Business Today, Financial Express, Hindustan Times along with several podcasts like Entrepreneurs on Fire.

In totality, these accolades, combined with my participation in revered speaking platforms, have collectively enhanced my influence and outreach in the entrepreneurial and self-development space.

The Unforgettable Moments

Over the course of my career, I have imparted knowledge and insights to thousands of individuals through my transformative webinars, guiding them towards their personal and professional aspirations. My unique approach to melding passion with business has borne tangible results, as evidenced by the 50+ mentees in the Passionpreneur Community who have not only followed their dreams but have also achieved the commendable feat of garnering ₹1 Crore+ in business revenue, earning them the Crorepati Award.

Moreover, my influence extends beyond digital platforms. The annual 'Passionpreneur Connect' event, a grand congregation of like-minded individuals, witnessed a remarkable gathering of over 2000 members in Mumbai in August 2023. This event serves as a testament to the impact and reach of my teachings.

Perhaps one of the most remarkable achievements of my life is the creation of one of India's largest self-development communities, with an annual revenue of ₹60 Crores in 2022.