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Co-Founder at FoodDarzee | Dr. Siddhant Bhargava

Dr. Siddhant Bhargava

Dr. Siddhant Bhargava

"Keep making micro changes and get better with time." Dr. Siddhant Bhargava

Breaking through the Conventional Barriers:

I belong to the family of doctors and wanted to become one in my former years. During my MBBS, I used to have recurring thoughts if I really wanted to practise medicine or what is my life going to look like in the coming years. I kept thinking about all these factors and how things would turn out for me. I never wanted to be satisfied with just a doctor’s life even if it’s undeniably a respectable profession.

Suffering from a condition called Lupus, I had to stop going to college because my health was deteriorating. In this phase I spent a lot of time to internalize- occupied in thoughts of what if I have to drop out. That’s when I brainstormed Food Darzee. By the time I got my degree, we had already got our green signal to get started with our venture. My father was very supportive and had my back throughout and that’s when I took a leap of faith and time kept passing and that’s how my life started to become much better than I expected it to be. I’m back, I am thriving, I am flourishing and I am working hard. I do not like being put in a box- as soon as I am put in one, I’ll start figuring out ways to get out of it.


The aim is to become more popular- as shallow as this might sound, it gives you the ability to influence people in the right direction. It is not about fame or money, but I want to be looked upon and get influenced from, to show the right direction and break wellness myths. People need to be more vigilant in terms of the information they consume from the internet. Good websites always attach their research papers and sources at the bottom of their pages- that’s what you should count on.

Turning the dream venture into Reality in the Competitive Market:

I feel that there have to be two aspects about it- one that your products have to be really good and how interested you are to improve and work on reviews that aren’t as good. Even we have encountered instances where people dropped reviews about things they did not like in our service. That’s when we took an approach to actually let go of the mentality that we cannot ever be wrong for we swear by our quality. It takes time, efforts and to listen and use feedbacks in constructive manner. Development of process in any service-related company is supremely important because you cannot always rely on being right each time- every single thing has to be documented. Making sure your product is great, making sure there is room for innovation- that’s how you stay at the top of your game.

Secondly, to stay at the top of the industry game you have to make sure you are very creative with the way you market. There are brands coming up in huge numbers- you have to keep building your own credibility as the face of the brand.


Wellness tips for Working Professionals:

One advice is definitely to subscribe to Food Darzee. The real advice is that it is important to find a routine. When you work in a corporate space, a large part of your day is occupied with work. These people are already living in a routine- encountering life in a certain way every day. It is just that they need to add certain habits like food-timings into their existing routine- and that’s certainly going to go a long way. They don’t need to stress about making every meal of the day healthy- that becomes very difficult to manage. Instead, it is always adviced to take small steps to a healthier life- starting with atleast one healthy meal a day, introducing yourself to a comfortable regime. Once the pattern starts, you can always keep making micro changes and get better with time.


Powerful Lessons from Mentors:

I don’t believe in having one mentor. I believe that every person who has the ability to influence you is your mentor. A mentor is going to be the one who you find guidance under, one who you genuinely find inspiration from. So for me, every person who has given me as much as one-or-two advices that helped me be better, that becomes a mentor for me. My parents have always been mentors to my life. Even my sister is a mentor to me.

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