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Vamini Sethi - Director - Business Resiliency Management - Asia and Pacific Marsh & Mclennan

Vamini Sethi

Vamini Sethi

"Don't compare yourself to others. Everyone's journey is different" Vamini Sethi

My Passion For Mountaineering:

My life started changing since the time I took to adventure sport. My journey started with running, then riding and am now into mountaineering. As the passion evolved from one sport to another, so did the requirements of both time and money. Mountaineering is a sport that requires a lot of patience unlike many other adventure sports or events which finish in a day or two.

Any major mountain summit can require a minimum of a fortnight and can even last up to 2 months. Added to this is the insane cost which can vary anywhere from Rs. 2 lakhs – Rs. 45 lakhs, depending on the summit. Quitting your job to follow your passion is easier said than done, it may give you enough time to train and do many other things which is always a struggle with a full time job, but then how does one fund the expedition? Savings, Of course! But the big question is how long can the savings also last. And if or when one decides to get back to work, post taking a break, it may take months to get a well-paying  job again and there is no  guarantee that a job will be  waiting at the end of each search.


Finding The Perfect Balance:

There are a few more things to be considered while thinking about quitting the job viz a viz Who will take care of the family and their expenditure? Given the society we live in, I think this one is more relevant to men as many have taken the primary responsibility for sustaining their families, education for their children and everything else that follows. 

I personally don’t have that responsibility, however my husband has been supportive to the point that I find a way to fund my passions – either through sponsorships or working for it. Based on my experience of working for over 12 years, and achieving all that I possibly could, I can confidently say  that you can have it all, provided you  are willing to work for it. Work, Marriage, Family, Money or anything else cannot be your excuse for not doing what you really want to.