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Luke Countinho - Holistic Nutrition & Integrative Lifestyle Practitioner

Luke Coutinho

Luke Coutinho

"Create healthy habits, not restrictions" Luke Coutinho

Discovering Your Passion: 

My passion was fuelled by seeing so many people who held prominent positions in companies were also constantly visiting doctors and being on a constant struggle to lose weight, while their actual root cause was lifestyle, the way they ate, moved, slept and handled emotions. The busier they got, the worst their lifestyles got too. I then realized that only having the best nutrition plan doesn't work, unless aspects like emotional health, exercise and sleep too are taken care of.

So, nutrition definitely wasn't the magic pill and thereon I started diversifying my approach to health and wellness and looked at integrative medicine that looks after not just nutrition, but also the medicines they are on, its side effects, sleep, emotional health, exercise and most importantly what suits the person. Everyone is unique and needs a personalized approach. There is no cookie cutter approach towards health. One cannot have the same nutrition or diet plan for weight loss, cancer or cardiovascular. It has to differ from person to person.


The Major Pillars Of Health: 

There are 4 main pillars for overall well-being Balanced Nutrition, Quality Sleep, Adequate Sleep and Emotional Detox. It is necessary to maintain a balanced and well-rounded diet and also sleep deep, manage emotions the right way and give the body the right kind of movement for proper circulation of nutrients and oxygen through blood. The way one goes about balancing each of these pillars differs from individual to individual and hence a personalized approach is very important. 


To Facilitate And Inspire Others: 

My approach is always to look at the root cause of a problem and spend time diagnosing what led to a particular imbalance in our body. Additionally, I do not believe in simply telling what an individual needs to do. Instead I like to put an effort in teaching and educating them with adequate reasoning on what and why they need to adopt a particular change in their lifestyle. This helps in empowering and involving them into the process, making decisions about their health and treatment and inspiring them along the way to get the desired results.

Your Advice: 

It is necessary to identify the struggles and thus work out a way to overcome them. The most common struggles that we notice people face are their own selves. Lack of discipline, effort, dedication, wrong attitude are the biggest roadblocks to achieving anything including overall well-being. It hurts people and angers people when we point out these aspects because they have given more importance to other things like fad diets and exercise programs, a strict and rigid spiritual path, supplements, magic pills, quick fixes, easy ways out. However, the fact still remains that most people who struggle to reach their goals have the incorrect attitude, approach and lack self-discipline. Yes, no one likes to be told that or hear that they lack the right attitude and self-discipline. But those who realize this, accept it and start to make changes, magic begins to flow into their lives.

Major Myths Related To Wellness: 

There are many myths related to wellness.  for e.g. Rice is fattening and so are mangoes - We need to stop putting all the blame on food for making us put on weight, and reflect on our lifestyle. Natural foods like rice, mangoes, banana, dates are foods that nature has given to nourish us. Now it is upon us to know how, when and how much of it should we consume. Heaps of rice with little or no fibre and a sedentary lifestyle will surely affect your blood sugar levels and weight, but that doesn’t mean we blame rice. We need to start rectifying our lifestyles and learn the smart use of foods.

Or overdoing on alkaline simply because alkaline is healthy. Our body needs to be alkaline at the right time and in the right parts of our body. There are so many myths around the importance of an alkaline diet, chugging alkaline water and lemon shots post meals. Anything less than 6.8 (overly acidic) or higher than 7.8 (overly alkaline) is useless and dangerous for the human body. So, in our honest attempt to keep body alkaline, even the habit of drinking lemon water throughout the day is only going to backfire us. There is a right time to drink lemon water or eat alkaline foods. A lot of functions even require acidic medium, for e.g.:digestion of proteins in the stomach or killing of harmful microorganisms in the gut. PThe only way to refrain from believing these myths is to use common sense and be careful of the source they are gathering information from.


The Impact Of The Pandemic On The Healthcare Industry:

The pandemic has affected every sector, because people are now more mindful about spending money and everyone is cutting down on unnecessary expenses. However, the healthcare industry is seeing a boom as compared to other industries. People are now serious about taking care of their health, reaching out to professionals for healthcare and more open to consuming content and information around health and wellness. Preventative health is the way forward. However, a lot depends on the perspective people carry. Unfortunately, it took a pandemic of this scale to make us realize the importance of taking care of our health, while the fact is that health must be a priority for everyone and it's time, we realize this. Health isn't a short-term goal; it must be a lifetime plan.