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Global Thought Leader | Bestselling Author | Dr. Oleg Konovalov

Dr. Oleg Konovalov

Dr. Oleg Konovalov

"Don’t hold to your anchor when you have sails and wind." Dr. Oleg Konovalov

Vinci of Visionary Leadership:

Being a leader is about creating value for people every day- with every conversation and with every piece of work. My role is simple - to explore new areas and show people where to go and how to create a prosperous future for themselves. Leading is not about me but about what I do for others. If I help people grow, they will make me a better leader in return. My career is built around acting for people and their needs.

My aim is to identify leaders’ and entrepreneurs’ strategic needs and help them to drive their companies to success. My core area is vision and visionary leadership which is a leadership meta competence of the twenty-first century. This area is the most demanding and critical one for any success.


Braving through Backlashes:

A few years back I found myself in a tough professional crisis after some heavy losses. I was exhausted, losing self-confidence, and had no clear idea where to go. My previous achievements actually held me back, restricting critical thinking and keeping me in a loop of making the same mental mistakes again and again.

One day, I sat with a cup of coffee and asked myself a simple question – What is greater, my goals and dreams or my problems? My goals, without a doubt! The answer was so obvious and powerful that it hit me like a lightning strike. This was a moment of catharsis and the first step to redefining myself. It cleared my dependency from the past and opened new dimensions of life with a much broader vision. I realized that if I was aiming to reach goals beyond my immediate needs and beyond my comfort zone, I needed to explore and adopt new ways of thinking and acting. Every obstacle is a great point of learning and an opportunity for growth.


Revealing Secrets of ‘The Vision Code’:

We are brought into this world as creators and whether we fulfill our purpose or not entirely depends on our ability to craft a vision and inspire others to share in it. Vision is the core property of those who are shaping the future today, being the single most valuable tool that allows you to choose your company’s future and live a meaningful and purposeful personal life as well. Having a vision and being able to make it a reality differentiates leaders from managers. With this vision, it creates the fertile ground on which we build the future and achieve change.

Vision is indeed more important than we think. Whether in personal life or in business, a compelling vision pulls all goals and desires together. True vision also helps to balance your business and personal life. Vision is a concentration of human desires and an unwavering decision to live a valuable and meaningful life. It is a foundation for life planning allowing one to build something solid and be proud of.


Borrowing Insane Strength from Mentorship:

An effective leader must have the means of honest self-reflection and growth – a mentor, coach, or a critical friend, at least. Self-reflection is not enough as the subjective leads to people rationalizing mistakes rather than learning from them. The battle against one’s own weakness will be lost because of this. A good coach or mentor helps one to learn about himself or herself and others while offering suggestions for improvement. A mentor’s experience doubles or even triples a mentee’s experience, defining personal and professional growth.

Also, we must consider that no one can become a professional on his or her own. I need a good coach to become a professional. No one can grow personally or professionally by being alone.


Life Mantra for Next-Gen Leaders:

Do not allow anyone to silence your vision. Vision gives that crucial forward view for those brave enough to look at the eyes of the future and take a chance. Don’t hold to your anchor when you have sails and wind.

Don’t forget that we are responsible for the legacy we leave and for being a model for future generations. The next generation must be greater visionaries and we must give them that important spark. We are a living example for the next generation and what we do now and the way we think has a direct impact on how the next generation will go further.

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