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Akshay Radhakrishnan - An actor | Biography

Akshay Radhakrishnan

Akshay Radhakrishnan

"A serious shift towards sustainable societies has to include gender equality." Akshay Radhakrishnan

The Harsh Beginning

My career is not yet successful, but I am on the right track, improving in many areas of life. In my hometown, I was born into a low-income household; however, I currently fall into the upper middle class. My peers shunned me while I was growing up just because we were underprivileged. Today, they like to take selfies with me. That constitutes successful growth in my life. However, my plans haven't quite come to fruition. As soon as my next films, "Bhagavan Dhasante Ramaraajyam, Vaalatty, and Mohandas," are out, I hope to be a successful man.

My parents provided me with the freedom to do what I love, and I had the space to make my own decisions. I already have the freedom to pursue my passions and make decisions for my life, but my parents have one rule: no matter what choice I make, whether good or bad, I must bear the consequences on my own.

Learning’s En-Route

Since childhood, I have faced more failures than successes. I have failed exams since I became a backbencher; hence, encountering failure is not a new thing for me. Failures teach us to handle problematic situations with ease. So, whenever I fail, I tell myself that it's just a part of life and we must move on. Thus, it's not a big deal for me.

I always see failures as possibilities for learning and use them as steppingstones to progress in life. Whenever I failed at something, I never dropped it. In fact, I would keep doing it until I succeeded. I’m going through the most significant challenges in my life right now and trying hard to overcome them.

Taste of Success

The release of the film ’18 Aam Padi’ was one of the pivotal moments in my life that had a lasting impact on my career path. It's the biggest turning point that's happened yet. I am now eagerly waiting for the next turning point. As I said, it will happen after the release of my upcoming movies.

Advice to Budding Stars

The film industry is not a monopolistic market; nobody can take control of it. So, there's no need to worry. Do your job properly. One day, your time will arrive.

Support of Mentors

I don’t have a specific mentor to mention, but lots of people became mentors for me when I was in a difficult situation. My mother, father, and even friends became my mentors sometimes. Likewise, I had as many people as mentors, not just one.

While talking about achievements, my family and friends accept me as I am. I see that as a huge achievement, and that’s what I’m proud of too. And they're also proud of me for seeing my growth.

A Special Message

I would like to talk about my previous work, the "Fading Shades" poem video, where I got the chance to act. I was inspired to do it because it deals with the intense topic of gender neutrality and de-gendering fashion. I believe it’s an important message to spread in this male-dominated world. We should treat everyone equally, regardless of their caste, religion, gender, color, etc. Regardless of who they are, we should accept them as they are. We should not judge them but try to love them, because humanity alone makes us more human.

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