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Amandeep Thind- TEDx Speaker and Leadership Coach | Best Selling Author

Amandeep Thind

Amandeep Thind

"Empower your brilliance, embrace relentless persistence, and add value consistently on your unique journey to success." Amandeep Thind

Growing Up with Resourcefulness and Gratitude:

My journey started in a one-room house with limited facilities. Even though it wasn't the most comfortable place to begin, I learned to be resourceful from a very young age. Growing up in a one-room house with limited resources, I had to be resourceful right from the start. When I was in 6th and 7th grade, I noticed that I could make the most out of my school supplies. I'd carefully remove extra pages from my used notebooks and learn to bind them into new ones. This not only saved money but also taught me a valuable skill.

I also learned the art of budgeting and making the most of what we had from my mom. We used to walk about 3 kilometers to a nearby biscuit factory just to save a few rupees, even though the store was much closer. These lessons in thriftiness stuck with me. From my dad, I learned the importance of hard work and dedication. He would often work late into the night and leave early in the morning for his job and most of the days merely slept for two hours and went to work again. His commitment left a lasting impression on me.

My parents were also strict about respecting our elders. We lived with three other families in the same building, and I was taught to be respectful, seek blessings, and touch the feet of our neighbors and our landlord. This early lesson in respect has stayed with me throughout my life. Gratitude is something I've practiced for nearly four decades, and it has been a cornerstone of my life. These childhood lessons have shaped me into the person I am today. They've taught me the importance of managing money wisely, showing respect and gratitude, making the best of every situation, serving others with dedication, never shying away from hard work, and the art of allocating and utilizing resources effectively.

Character Forged Through Adversity:

Since my early childhood, adversity has been a constant companion in my life. From dealing with weight issues to feeling different due to my diverse parentage, I used to wish I could look like someone more 'normal' to gain acceptance. But as I grew older, I realized that there's no one definition of 'normal.' Every person faces unique challenges, whether it's about their skin color, weight, or the names they are called, which can be hurtful.

When I was 16, my father had a tragic accident, and he had no insurance to fall back on. Even if there was insurance back in 1993-94, it wouldn't have been enough to support our family in our small one-room house in Kolkata. Looking back, I understand that these experiences were part of my journey to learn and understand a different culture, especially when we moved to the villages of Punjab. Discrimination there was of a different level, making it even tougher than what I faced in Kolkata. In 1994, I hit a low point when I contemplated suicide because life seemed devoid of purpose.

Moving on to my academic journey, I faced failures as well. I had to repeat my 10+1 year, and during my time at a school in Ludhiana, I didn't even appear for the exams. I felt out of place, quiet, and probably depressed. It was a challenging period. Later, I transferred to a school in my nearby town and managed to clear it with grace marks. Facing a compartment in mathematics during my 10+2 exams was a big challenge.

I also faced failure when I attempted to open a computer center in my local town, and it didn't succeed. Moving to Delhi in 2000 was another significant challenge, transitioning from village life to the bustling capital of India.

All these setbacks and challenges have taught me valuable lessons:

1. Prioritizing mental health.

2. Realizing that a mark sheet is just a piece of paper and doesn't determine your future.

3. Understanding that failure can be a better teacher than any book.

4. Embracing discomfort as a sign of growth.

5. Recognizing that discrimination and humiliation are harmful to one's own kind.

The Mission of Brilliance Academy:

I founded Brilliance Academy because I believe that every person has an innate brilliance within them. My mission is to empower people, helping them find their voice and speak with confidence and conviction, especially in challenging times.

Originally, the academy was created as a place for those feeling disempowered or surrounded by darkness, a place where they could find self-love and hope. Over the years, our focus has evolved. We realized that true brilliance comes from finding one's voice, both internally and externally. Whether it's shining on a stage or in any situation, Brilliance Academy is here to help individuals be themselves and express their thoughts with confidence.

In essence, we're a platform where anyone can come to learn and become the best version of themselves.

Key Advice for Success:

Two Valuable Pieces of Advice:

1.     Add Value Consistently: Always aim to enrich others' lives. Genuine goodwill and consistent effort lead to success, though the journey's length varies. Keep adding value, and success will follow.

2.     Embrace Relentless Persistence: Persistence, is the unwavering commitment to your goals. It's like a PhD in determination. With relentless perseverance, you can achieve anything, even in adversity. Keep pushing forward, and the universe aligns with your aspirations.

Gratitude is a profound blessing, helping us stay grounded and centered. Embracing criticism is crucial, especially when striving for significant goals. It might be challenging, but it contributes to your growth and character development. Remember, not everyone needs to understand your journey; what matters is your commitment to it.


Mentorship and Learning from Legends:

Learning from top trainers has been a blessing. Being able to represent their teachings on stage is a powerful experience. It's true that the best way to learn is to teach, and the transformation that occurs during this process is magical. Tony, for example, has an incredible ability to energize and motivate people. His high standards and relentless attitude to keep moving forward are admirable.

Les Brown's humility and openness to connect with people is inspiring. His down-to-earth nature despite his success is a valuable lesson. Robert Kiyosaki is known for his intelligence and high standards in training. Dr. John Demartini's wisdom about aligning with our values and his expertise in understanding human emotions make him a profound teacher. These individuals have left a significant impact on my journey, and I'm grateful for the lessons I've learned from them.

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