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Best Selling Author l Health & Mindset Coach | Kajal Khurana

Kajal Khurana

Kajal Khurana

Kajal Khurana

Factors That Made You Choose Health And Wellness As Your Way Of Life:

I have always been inclined towards healthy living. I looked at health as a holistic approach so I used to focus on my food, sleep and exercise myself at a very young age. Within a very short span of time in my corporate career stories, I realised that I don't belong there and I was looking to pursue a career which I am passionate about. There came the light bulb moment of “my love for health and wellness/holistic healing”. I started learning about various aspects of health in relation to our body, mind and emotions.

When I see people become a better version of themselves I feel very content and it reassures my belief that we all have the power within us to change the things around for a fruitful, happy and healthy life we all deserve to live on this planet earth. We don't need to belong to the rat race or try to fit in to what the food and fitness industry is selling us.


Being A Transformation Coach, Podcast Host, Author, Certified Yoga Therapist, How Do You Facilitate And Inspire Others In A Way That Is Truly Unique:

I keep learning and growing myself and whatever knowledge I possess I love sharing it with people around me or on social media in a very authentic way. From my experience over the last 10 years, I have learnt that there is “NO ONE SIZE FIT ALL” strategy for most of the things in life and especially when it comes to mindset and healthy living we all need to adapt things or follow a routine that suits us & not what our society or industry is imposing upon us. So, my approach is to analyze what works for people at an individual level depending on their lifestyle, likes and habits then give them a plan that is sustainable so they don't give up.


Initial Struggles That You Faced When You Entered The Domain Of Health And Fitness:

I was always a fitness enthusiast but that doesn’t mean I did not have challenges. I still do from time to time. It’s like telling a doctor that you can't afford to fall sick (LOL). I did have physical challenges during both my pregnancies but my mindset helped me stay strong and positive to deal with it and come out even stronger.

Apart from physical challenges I had emotional challenges “fear of being judged”. For the longest time I was not visible on social media for this reason and then I had to change my own inner negative dialogue to overcome that fear and focus on the positive side of it. In 2019, I told myself “You are going to die with all the information you have within you if you don't share it for the right cause” that's where I started writing my book too!

Now I am like let people say whatever they want to, as far as I am helping someone getting better and living a more fruitful life, I don't care about “what people think or say about me”.


What Inspired You To Share Your Thoughts And Write Your Book “Why Me First”:

When I look around (even now) I see people being so stressed all the time and this has become the new norm which is causing all the health issues in the world. Clinical research also shows that 70-90% of the hospital visits are due to stress, that’s where I thought I would put everything I know about managing stress in the form of a book. I think “Stress is inevitable and until we are alive we all will have stress” but one thing that we can do or most of us can do is to learn to deal with it or manage it well.

When you are strong internally you can handle things better externally. My book is a way of helping people understand how our body & mind function and why it is important to take care of YOURSELF first without falling into the trap of any industry. There is no need to be in the rat race, live your life at your own term and conditions not others.


Evolution Of The Health & Wellness Industry:

It has both its pros and cons. There are certain aspects where the industry is providing a lot of good information about healthy living but on the other hand it also has a commercial angle to it where people are only thinking about making money at the cost of humanity. The industry puts profits (first) before people. It has evolved from connecting within to connecting with the outside world more and more. As a health professional I take responsibility for undoing this damage and help people understand the importance of connecting to inner voice or intuition.

Before “Uncle Google” as I call it, people would listen to their intuition while making a decision and now they turn to google for all their answers and with overwhelming information they are confused or lost. People need to understand that sometimes they can do without google too, all they need to do is to learn to go within.


Your Fitness Mantra:

My fitness mantra is “HEALTH IS WEALTH”. Retain it while you are young.

If the wealth is lost one can still earn it back if they are healthy but if one is unhealthy all the wealth will also be spent in trying to regain it.

I would advise people to put their overall wellbeing (mind, body, food and sleep) on priority, healthy minds make better decisions. More than anything else, one thing that most people need to do is fix the sleeping hours. People think sleeping post midnight is normal, the whole world is doing it so I can also do it too, but that’s one of the major reasons people are unhealthy.

Sleep by 10 pm and see the magic happen. Our organs need enough time to repair and rejuvenate during night and the best time for that is between 10 pm to 6 am.

If you don't like exercise that’s fine just try to go for morning walks for 15 min each morning between 6-7 am and you will feel the difference yourself. 

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