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Amitabh Srivastava - Entrepreneur I Strategic Advisor I Media Consultant

Amitabh Srivastava

Amitabh Srivastava

"Create positive social impact while building powerful leadership skills in early career professionals and activists." Amitabh Srivastava

Navigating Childhood Challenges: Shaping Character and Paving the Journey to Success:

As a child, I faced academic challenges due to being a slow learner. However, these struggles played a crucial role in shaping my character and life's path. I learned that success requires not just hard work, but also a strong will and self-commitment, leading me to explore alternative learning methods.

My family, deeply devoted to education, significantly contributed to my development. My father, a respected journalist, instilled in me a profound respect for knowledge from all sources. This nurtured my passion for the arts and learning, ultimately leading to success in both academics and my career in the media industry. My family's unwavering support and belief in hard work reinforced my determination, even during the roller-coaster ride of my childhood learning journey.

Balancing Fatherhood and Leadership with Grace and Success:

Balancing the roles of a devoted father and a professional leader has been a continuous and rewarding challenge in my life. This journey has taught me valuable lessons in time management and setting clear boundaries between work and family. By prioritizing tasks and maintaining a well-structured schedule, I've managed to excel in both areas.

Effective communication has been the linchpin of this equilibrium. Open and honest dialogues with family and colleagues have fostered mutual support and understanding of each other's needs and expectations.

Delegation has lightened my professional load. Trusting and empowering my team members to handle responsibilities has allowed me to focus on critical tasks while remaining present for my family. Flexibility is another key aspect. Life is unpredictable, and the ability to adapt gracefully to unforeseen circumstances in both family and work life is essential.

This journey hasn't been without its share of challenges and difficult choices, but a strong sense of purpose, clear values, and a willingness to learn from experiences in the hospitality and media fields have been instrumental in successfully managing these roles.


Parental Influence and their unwavering Support:

My parents played a significant role in shaping my career choices and provided unwavering support throughout my journey. Growing up, I was immersed in an environment that instilled in me a deep appreciation for the power of words and storytelling. My father's background as a journalist inspired my interest in communication, writing, and journalism, as I admired his ability to inform and engage.

Conversely, my mother's expertise in Sanskrit and dedication to preserving cultural and literary heritage nurtured my love for language, culture, and tradition. Her passion for education and scholarly pursuits instilled in me the value of learning and self-improvement. The combination of my parents' influences led me to choose a career that blends elements of journalism and language.

I embarked on a path that prioritized effective communication and a profound respect for cultural heritage. While my parents' silent inspiration was a driving force, they also celebrated my achievements and little milestones, which kept me motivated.

A Remarkable Career Challenge: Turning Adversity into Innovation:

During my career in the media industry, I had the privilege of working with global giants like MTV, the BBC, and Walt Disney as India's media landscape evolved. A significant challenge and turning point was transitioning from an international giant to launching Aajtak in India, where I had to rebrand and market it from the ground up.

This journey included innovative strategies to connect with the Indian audience, especially in urban areas where Doordarshan had a stronghold. I left no stone unturned to ensure our ads reached every corner.

A pivotal chapter in my career involved a six-year stint with Radio Netherlands Worldwide, where I made significant innovations in radio broadcasting. I explored new avenues by incorporating multimedia elements, creating interactive programs, and expanding our reach through digital platforms.

As the media landscape continued to change, I adapted by launching a learning and development vertical post-COVID. I now impart knowledge to corporates and educational institutes, focusing on skill development and technology like AI.

My journey continues to evolve, with each phase contributing to my growth and experience in the dynamic world of media.

Guidance for aspiring professionals:

With over 35 years of industry experience, here are some key pieces of advice for emerging professionals:

1. Stay Curious: Embrace constant learning to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving industry.

2. Build a Strong Network: Cultivate professional relationships for opportunities and support.

3. Tell Authentic Stories: Connect with audiences through genuine storytelling.

4. Mentorship: Seek or be a mentor for valuable guidance.

5. Balance Work and Life: Maintain a healthy work-life balance to avoid burnout.

Remember, making a lasting impression requires dedication and a focus on the journey, not just the destination. Keep these principles in mind as you navigate your career.