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Leadership & Executive Coach l Keynote Speaker | Melissa Worrel-Johnson

Melissa Worrel-Johnson

Melissa Worrel-Johnson

"Great leaders know leadership is about people." Melissa Worrel-Johnson

Influencer in the Making

Influence is due to relationships and doing the right thing always. For me building influence was about being there for my teams and peers. As you show how you operate, for the good of the team or organization, your influence grows. For me, constantly evolving means continuous learning and building knowledge to share when appropriate with clients and colleagues. Our ability to influence, expand our businesses and ourselves has to do with what we can share through knowledge.

Beyond Barriers

My best learning happened when I “failed” … failing isn’t so much failing but learning to try it differently again. How we get back up, shake off the defeat and try again is what truly matters. I started my coaching practice due to my role being eliminated. I could’ve seen this as failure; however, I flipped the script and saw the opportunity to do what I love and help people be their best.

Leadership and Learning

Yes, leaders have had to evolve from direct/tell to ask/collaborate. Leaders can no longer lead with directive, authoritarian and militant tactics. Great leaders know leadership is about people, working together towards a common outcome as well as having both emotional intelligence and intellectual intelligence to tackle strategies, tactics and problems.

Guidance from my Mentor

I have been fortunate to have wonderful mentors throughout my career who took me under their wings, shared how they had succeeded and failed and had my back. There are too many to name, however Scott, Kim and Nate really have a place in my heart. Our ability to find mentors, ask for their mentorship and be a mentor matters. Mentors have a huge influence in our careers and development. I believe we always have leaders and individuals we look up to and want as mentors and there are people looking up to us and want our mentorship. I believe we have to receive and give mentoring.

Advice for the next-gen Leaders

Ask questions, network, have 2 or more mentors and be open to new ideas. Our leadership will evolve and change as our career advances. Be open to ‘rethinking’ what you know and have the courage to be uncomfortable as you try new leadership skills.

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