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Mental & Emotional Well-Being Coach | Kanchan Rai

Kanchan Rai

Kanchan Rai

"Freedom, Happiness & Satisfaction Lie Within us" Kanchan Rai

Factors That Made You Choose this Distinctive Career Path:

I started off with a career in business development only to realize later that my interests were actually inclined towards coaching and therapy. During my stint as a business developer, I would often couch my team members to achieve their professional and personal goals. I soon comprehended that my guidance would facilitate in calming their emotional state of mind and I actually became a go-to person with whom they could comfortably speak their minds out. This made me understand that although it can be quite challenging sometimes, therapy is a journey of courage - of seeing oneself and be able to be seen by others instead of allowing undesirable thoughts to mask our vulnerabilities. Later, I decided to fly overseas to pursue a course in authentic leadership which influenced me to create more awareness about this space. Hence, I conceptualized ‘Let Us Talk Foundation’ to enable people with a reliable medium to help let their emotions flow out. I consider working on an individual’s mental quotient and helping them to achieve their life goals is my true calling. Having battled depression myself, a big part of the decision to pursue such a distinctive career came from my very own challenges that I have overcome.


Using your Setbacks as Learning Experiences, turning them into Stepping Stones:

Till today, there has never been a single day that I woke up regretting being in this profession. Getting to hear various life narratives has helped me develop a very authentic relationship with my clients from various walks of life and this makes me really satisfied as an emotional coach. The quality of these relationships is diverse since there is a sense of vulnerability that I get exposed to, which in my opinion is very sacred. Guiding clients to they share their life problems with me tends to boost me and gives me a chance to improve myself as a therapist. As far as overcoming professional failures are concerned, being able to expunge the social stigma and reveal the untrue notions that have been afflicting therapy through my organization is in itself a huge success. The optimism I feel at work is truly overpowering over everything else.


Your Journey from Corporate to Entrepreneurship; Factors that pushed you to create “Let Us Talk”:

I started my career in the field of business development, with an undying love to help people deal with their professional and personal turmoil. Eventually I understood that my focus has always been to mentor, empower, and to provide hope to people. This belief led me to conceptualize ‘Let Us Talk Foundation’, to enable people with a reliable source to let their emotions flow out. Being a Harvard Business School Alumni, at the organization I play multiple roles as a therapist, coach and speaker. Serving as the Founder of Let Us Talk Foundation, I also wrestle the tag of a specialized certification in leadership development and authentic leadership development from Harvard Business School. Some valuable lessons that I have learnt from this field is that it is completely normal to feel vulnerable. Today when I look back at my own journey, I am stunned by the adversities I faced and overcame because of this process. To me, empowerment, freedom, happiness, and satisfaction lie within us as individuals. This process binds my belief- making me passionate about my profession.


Key Mantra for your Followers:

Therapy can be an emotionally draining process since you are constantly dealing with negativity, so in that sense it is very significant to have your support system in place. My mantra is being true, authentic and transparent while coaching my clients. My skill sets lie in empathizing and in being non-judgmental. I always try to relate to my client’s problems when they confide in me and help them overcome these challenges through our healing therapies. The only change that I would want to bring in the near future is to normalize therapy as a profession. I am of the opinion that there is nothing wrong in asking for help for your emotional problems. Seeking advice from a therapist does not imply that you are suffering from a mental condition. Hence, my aim is to bring in more awareness to this space.


Advice to improve overall Well Being:

Despite a great deal of awareness, mental health is still considered to be a neglected topic. Taking into consideration the legacy of Indian stereotypes surrounding mental health, people still tend to deter from sharing their feelings or sufferings or are shy to seek professional help. Even if they somehow manage to cure themselves, they are not ready to share their experience with those who are still suffering in silence. Considering the increasing numbers of anxiety cases, emotional coaching as a field should be made more acceptable. Being one of the few adopters of this unique career path, if there is one thing that I would like to change, it would be the mentality of people revolving around the disgrace attached to mental health.

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