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Suparna Mukherjee - Founder of Sapphire India Education Academy | Entrepreneur | Psychological Counsellor

Suparna Mukherjee

Suparna Mukherjee

Suparna Mukherjee

Crucial Success Skills Forged Through My Journey

Coming from a simple family background, a teacher by profession,with not much support and blessings,I fought my own battle, and been fortunate enough to earn 6 beauty pageant titles, national and international , and that journey has given me immense strength and helped me gain confidence, to go forward in my life and face all the challenges.

Mrs India queen of Substance 2nd runners up

Mrs India Congeniality Queen 2017

Mrs Asia Pacific Queen Ambassador 2018(Singapore)

Mrs Asia Pacific Photogenic 2018

Mrs Eurasia Universe 2019 (China)

Mrs Universe Perfect 2019 , the first ever married lady in Bengal to get these titles, competing with 90 countries all over the world.

As a beauty pageant winner, I've cultivated crucial skills that extend beyond the stage.Leadership skills were honed through organizing community outreach programs, such as charity events and awareness campaigns. Creativity played a role in designing and executing unique projects, showcasing innovation in my advocacy work. Interpersonal skills flourished through collaboration with diverse groups, fostering connections and promoting unity. These skills collectively contributed to my accomplishments by enabling effective communication, inspiring positive change, and leaving a lasting impact on both the pageantworld and the community, and has helped me establish as a renowned Beauty Pageant Coach..

My journey of being a Beauty Pageant Coach has led the foundation of myself as a Personality Development Trainer, and given me that courage to start my own ONLINE
ACADEMY, “SAPHHIRE INDIA EDUCATION ACADEMY” , during the hard times of covid and corona in 2020.

I've honed various key skills, getting trained under ICBI (Softskills and Image Management, Institution ) and getting certified as “Train the Trainer” from NABET, to Enhance the growth of individuals under my guidance.

Leadership plays a pivotal role in orchestrating effective training sessions. For instance, I led various workshops on effective communication where I guided participants through interactive exercises, fostering an environment that encouraged open dialogue.

Creativity is vital in tailoring programs to diverse learning styles. I designed innovative activities to enhance problem-solving skills, exemplified when I incorporated role-playing exercises into a conflict resolution module. This approach facilitated a more engaging and memorable learning experience.

Interpersonal skills are crucial for establishing rapport and fostering a positive learning environment. I consistently engage with participants, providing constructive feedback and creating a supportive atmosphere. This has been evident in the positive feedback received, with participants expressing increased confidence and improved social skills.

Adaptability is another skill that has proven invaluable. In a rapidly evolving field, I've adapted training materials to incorporate the latest insights, ensuring participants stay
relevant in their personal and professional development.

Overall, my cultivated leadership, creativity, interpersonal, and adaptability skills have collectively contributed to successful and impactful in preparing, the Personality
Development training modules for the enrolled students from age group 8 years onwards, fostering holistic growth among individuals seeking self-improvement.

Thus, My comprehensive approach as a Personality Development Trainer, towards my students, aptly emphasizes my leadership, creativity, interpersonal skills, and adaptability, along with emotional intelligence, etiquette building, time and stress management and many more,which is imparted in them through different modes of training modules. My online classes, prioritize, interactive, and engaging methods, contributing to positive outcomes for the enrolled students, which I am proud of.

As a Mental Health Professional, , after becoming a Gold Medalist in Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological Counselling, leadership skills have been crucial in organizing and leading awareness campaigns. For instance, spearheading a community event that brought together diverse stakeholders showcased my ability to mobilize and guide a team toward a common goal. Additionally, creativity played a role in developing engaging content for educational materials, making mental health information more accessible to a wider audience. Interpersonal skills have been vital in fostering collaborations with mental health professionals, community leaders, and individuals with lived experiences, fostering a supportive network for advocacy efforts. These skills collectively contributed to the success of initiatives, promoting mental health awareness and destigmatization.

As a Certified Parenting Coach, I've honed various key skills essential for the mentioned role Proudly, Acquiring certification under DEEP Parenting Coaching and Counsellor CounciI of India (CCI) Parenting Expert Certification, I have prepared myself to empower the parents. Leadership skills are crucial in guiding parents through challenges, offering strategic advice. Creativity is evident in crafting personalized solutions tailored to unique family dynamics. Interpersonal skills are paramount, fostering effective communication and empathy to establish trust with clients. These skills collectively contribute to successful outcomes, such as facilitating improved parent-child relationships, resolving conflicts, and enhancing overall family well-being, and I am proud to start the first ever community on Parenting in Bengal, called Bengal Parenting Coaching, providing one stop solutions on Parenting challenges.

Crafting Creative Opportunities from Every Challenge

There is nothing either ' good or bad ' but ' thinking ' makes it so. It is the "perception" that makes things what they are. Good and bad is in our mind. It is our mindset, our mental attitude that determines how we will interpret and respond to situations. When facing challenges, maintaining a positive and resilient mindset is crucial. Embracing challenges as opportunities for growth, viewing setbacks as stepping stones toward success, is my forte. Guiding principles include adaptability, perseverance, and a willingness to learn.I alwys belive the more you Learn, the more you Grow.

 Approaching challenges with a solutionoriented mindset, breaking them down into manageable tasks has alwys been my strategy.. Insights gained from navigating difficulties include increased resilience, improved problemsolving skills, and a deeper understanding of my own capabilities. I alwys believe, challenges are an inherent part of personal and professional development. I Don't Dwell on the Negative , that’s my Mantra. I try not to get stuck dwelling on negative feelings or focusing on only the bad parts of any situation. I believe, our power lies in how we react to — and cope with — what we are facing (any situation). Replacing, any negative thoughts (like “I can't do this”) with more encouraging words or ways to solve the problem, is what I focus more.

My Impact

As a Beauty Pageant Coach, my work goes beyond just polishing contestants' appearances. I empower individuals to embrace their unique qualities, promoting selfconfidence and resilience. This contributes to societal well-being by fostering a culture that celebrates diversity and individuality. Similarly, as a Certified Parenting Coach, I guide parents in creating nurturing environments for their children. This not only strengthens family bonds but also positively influences the next generation. By promoting effective communication and positive parenting techniques, I try to contribute in building stronger communities and facilitating the growth of well-rounded individuals. As a Personality Development Trainer and Entrepreneur, my work has tangible impacts on individuals and communities. Through tailored training programs, I empower individuals to enhance their interpersonal skills, boost self-confidence, and achieve personal growth. This not only positively influences their professional success but also contributes to the overall well-being of society by fostering a more confident and capable workforce.

 As an Entrepreneur, my ventures aim to create opportunities and connections within the community. 

• Saphhire India Education Academy 

• Bengal Parenting Coaching 

• The Touching Minds ….these are my brainchild, tocontribute to society in my own small ways. 

So, Whether through employment opportunities, collaboration with local businesses, or contributing to local initiatives, the tangible outcomes of my work extend beyond personal development to positively impact the broader social fabric. As a Mental Health Professional, my work revolves around raising awareness, reducing stigma, and promoting open conversations about mental well-being. By providing information, resources, and support, through Social Media , I aim to empower individuals to prioritize their mental health. The tangible impact is reflected in the improved understanding of mental health, reduced discrimination, and enhanced community support systems, ultimately contributing to a healthier and more compassionate society through various workshops, seminars and webinars, and counselling services.

Scaling New Heights in Personal and Professional Triumphs

Success as a Personality Development Trainer could be defined by the positive impact on individuals' personal and professional growth. Benchmarks may include participants demonstrating enhanced communication skills, increased self-confidence, and the ability to navigate challenges effectively. Accomplishments are measured by feedback, testimonials, and observed behavioral changes, indicating a successful influence on participants' overall development from the students and their families. Success , as a Beauty Pageant Coach , could be defined by the personal growth and confidence gained by contestants, their ability to effectively communicate, and their demonstration of poise on stage, after grooming and coaching them for the Finale. Benchmarks include improvement in presentation skills, enhanced self-esteem, and positive feedback from both participants and judges. 

Ultimately, success measured , when the students and the team perform to their utmost perfection.. Success as a Certified Parenting Coach, to me, is defined by the positive impact I have on families. Benchmarks include fostering healthier parent-child relationships, improved communication, and the application of effective parenting strategies. Accomplishments are measured through client feedback, observed behavioral changes, and the ability to empower parents in navigating challenges. Ultimately, success lies in contributing to the overall wellbeing and growth of both parents and children under my guidance. Success, as a mental health advocate, is defined by the positive impact on individuals' well-being. Benchmarks include raising awareness, reducing stigma, and fostering a supportive community. Accomplishments are measured by increased accessibility to mental health resources, destigmatizing conversations, and witnessing tangible improvements in individuals' lives. It's not just about numbers but the depth of change in attitudes, policies, and the overall mental health landscape.

The Synergy Between My Path and Recognition Values

In my journey as a Personality Development Trainer and Entrepreneur, I've consistently strived to empower individuals to unlock their full potential. My commitment to fostering personal growth aligns seamlessly with the values of this recognition. Through my entrepreneurial ventures, I've not only contributed to business success but also prioritized cultivating a positive and transformative environment for individuals to flourish. This acknowledgment would not just celebrate my achievements but recognize the shared commitment to inspiring personal development and resilience. 

My journey as a Beauty Pageant Coach and a Parenting Coach, reflects my commitment to empowering individuals to embrace their true potential, on stage, off stage . I strive to instill confidence, grace, and resilience in my clients, aligning with the values of the recognition. My story embodies the spirit of the award by fostering personal growth and inspiring positive transformations in both beauty, brain and parenting realms. My journey as a certified parenting coach aligns seamlessly with the values and goals of this recognition. Through dedicated efforts, I've empowered countless parents, fostering positive relationships and nurturing resilient families. My commitment to effective communication, empathy, and evidence-based strategies embodies the spirit of this award, as it recognizes the transformative impact of guiding and supporting parents on their unique parenting journeys. 

My journey as a mental health professional has been rooted in a deep commitment to fostering resilience and well-being in my clients. Through empathetic counseling and evidence-based practices, I've consistently strived to empower individuals on their paths to mental health recovery. This aligns seamlessly with the values of the recognition, as my story embodies the spirit of promoting emotional strength, understanding, and holistic mental wellness.