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Nehaa Beotra- Founder of Thinq On Purpose | Women Entrepreneur

Nehaa Beotra

Nehaa Beotra

"You are designing your own destiny" Nehaa Beotra

My Journey While Moving Ahead In My Career: 

What helped me by starting early was that I got exposed to the real corporate life and I had nothing to compare it with, otherwise we generally end up comparing what we studied in our MBA vs. the reality. I was a clean slate and just like a sponge wanted to absorb the learning around and with that I also realized that when you have people around you who are well read, studied at premier institutes it allows you to raise your bar. In the early stages of my career, I learnt that if you have to grow in life there is no escape to hustling.


Challenges Faced:

I had always fought myself for the first 30 years in "SELF DOUBT" no matter if its meetings, discussions or any aspect of work life, I had always submerged myself in deep self-doubts and fear of being judged. It's a notion and self-created perception since I was just a graduate and that others are obviously better than me.

Now since that notion rested in my mind so deep, I was fighting ever moment to make my presence felt. I had covered my insecurities with a mask of over confidence and arrogant behavior. While internally I was always fighting with I Me Myself.

Words Of Wisdom To Restart Your Career: 

There is absolutely nothing external in this world, by that I mean people, situations, circumstances, things, politics that can hold you back. If you feel so then you need to look within, your daemon that is not allowing you to grow is not out there it is sitting inside you deep down there.

A little change in your perception is all you need. Unless you know what's wrong and how you can correct it. With every decision that you take to protect yourself to the outside world, or every decision that you take of holding yourself back, you are designing your own destiny.