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Jasper Fortuin - Transformation Coach & Blogger | Corporate Leader

Jasper Fortuin

Jasper Fortuin

"A good leader leads the people from above them. A great leader leads the people from within them" Jasper Fortuin

Limitations Faced In The Early Stages Of Your Life: 

I was a bit shy in my youth which still has not completely changed, there are occasions when I still feel shy. Although I would say that inspite of being shy, this really has not held me back from doing some amazing things. I started skateboarding at a very young age and I also participated in one of the National Championships in the Netherlands. At the age of 11, I got a sponsorship deal; wherein a local skate shop supported me with the latest skate gear. I always try not to let my inhibition ever hold me back.


Experience In Living Away From Home, In India: 

There are only a small number of countries in the world that are further away on the other side of the isle. In comparison to India, as I have seen, Dutch people tend to be very straightforward; they speak their mind. Amsterdam and all the other parts of the Netherlands are very clean and super organised. What's different in India? Let me tell you that I really love this country. During the past few years, India has become my second home. At the same time, I also find myself struggling, especially with inequality, dirt and the fact that mostly everyone and everything seems to arrive beyond IST, The Indian Stretchable Time (on a lighter note!). Apart from this, I am still enjoying everything here in this fascinating country.


Challenges Faced In Working In Various Departments Throughout Your Career: 

My tip for career professionals is always this: - The higher you want to climb on the corporate leaders, the lesser it matters what you know. In the corporate world, especially in crucial positions it's not only about what you know but also about who you know. Thus, it's everything about stakeholder management. My last 15 years journey at KPN has been a fascinating one with a lot of stakeholder management involved.


Your Passion And How Is It An Integral Part Of Your Lifestyle, And The Balance Between It Your Professional Life: 

I have not one but multiple passions. One of my passions is writing, the other is travelling. Immediately after I arrived in India in November 2016, I started writing about my experiences. I have been publishing my stories on www.bustlingpune.com. While there is nothing wrong with working late from time to time to finish important work, I don't believe in the effectiveness of a 60-hour work week. Everyone needs to charge their batteries, and going after my passions is how I recharge myself. I strongly believe, it's important to have some kind of a passion other than work. It's easy to get overblown by the daily stream of messages, demands and other work-related distractions, so I really plan ahead to make time for my fervours.


Advice For Others Who Wish To Be A Successful Leader:

Per se, I don't consider myself a leader but I can surely tell a bit more about my journey. This is about a couple of years ago when I was really struggling at work; I couldn't finish my work, was always behind and I was unable to spend time on really strategic projects. In other words, I was not in control of my professional life. Gradually, I started reading a lot of books about personal productivity and came up with a framework and a way of working that has always been there ever since. It's not just a way to deal with things today but also helps focus on initiatives in the future. I would advise every professional with an ambition to come up with such a framework, which also needs to include a personal and professional development plan because one should treat each day as an opportunity to learn new things.

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