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Interior Designer | Founder at Jolly Chalet | Neha Jolly

Neha Jolly

Neha Jolly

"Preach what you teach and be genuine in your endevours." Neha Jolly

Building an Early Foundation


Recollecting my childhood days, I have fond memories of playing a lot outdoors. I played a lot of Cricket and Badminton and loved to swim. My parents provided a much-disciplined upbringing and always taught me to follow the correct footsteps in life. I had big dreams to excel in business just like my father.


Coming from a business-class family was surely a key factor, but I was always interested in commerce and economics during school. I later went on to pursue graduation in Interior Designing from the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Design. The course was very fascinating to me, mostly because of how we were doing a lot of practical work during those times, and I got to be a part of many projects during my college time. I eventually completed my Masters in the same field.


What stands as my business today surely harbours footprints and some magnanimous lessons from my childhood. My grandfather taught me the values of being truthful to clients. In his words, “Preach what you teach,” he taught me the importance of being genuine in business, to never cheat on clients as that’s the only way one is able to generate relationships of a lifetime. Your business relies on how strong these connections are.

The Journey from Setback to Success

I consider myself fortunate to have a very secured and sheltered upbringing. I was the youngest in the family and was therefore always pampered.


The real challenges that I had encountered began in the formative years of my entrepreneurial journey. When I started Jolly Chalet in Ramgarh, there were multiple suggestions that came onto me. People kept complaining how the location of the Chalet won’t be able to cater any business and that we won’t be able to manage the place because of our other business ventures and small kids. I had to rise above and beyond such challenges in order to successfully setup Jolly Chalet which has turned out to be wonderful and today, our efforts are being appreciated by everybody.

Driving Jolly Chalet through Uniqueness

Jolly Chalet aims to provide a comfortable and unique experience to the guests as it is set in an iconic location in the lap of Himalayas, surrounded with fruit orchards and colorful flowers. What truly captivates our guests is the spectacular view around the stay. We provide recreation in true terms, taking our clients away from the hustle-bustle of the city life to breathe into the freshness of nature.   

We have taken extra care to improve the quality of the experience we provide. Hygiene and comfort are always kept on the front seat. Food is a major priority for us since there are no cafes and restaurants near the location, it is our responsibility to provide cuisines of quality and taste.

Evolution of the Hospitality Industry

Running a hospitality business is not easy at all. The sphere has been conventionally dominated by bigger hotels and larger properties. However, the face of the industry has seen colloquial changes with time. With the advent of Covid, people are increasingly choosing homestays and smaller properties for accommodation as they are quite safer than the big hotels. Private properties like the Jolly Chalet are comparatively easy to maintain and thus our hygiene and quality scores really well.


This is unanimously the decade ruled by information and technology. Netizens would surely consider reviews before making a choice. With the advancement and reach of digitalization, all the information is indeed available in every nook and corner. This makes the brand image a very important factor we have to pay heed to. We have to be honest with our clients, that the luxury and services we provide do justice to the fancy advertisements.

Life Mantra for aspiring Women Entrepreneurs


As a Woman Entrepreneur, I have learned some major lessons that helped me throughout life. At the forefront, one of the most important lessons is to set your priorities right. Balancing work and home is one of the daily challenges a woman faces. It isn’t going to be easy, but the key is to prioritise what needs more attention and when.


You have to be prepared to disappoint people. You have to take your professional life ahead without being obstructed by thoughts of what people will think about you. You cannot always be A+ in everybody’s life and have to be okay with being as much as a B or a C in some cases too. It is important for women to draw boundaries between the personal and the professional life. In business, everybody becomes a friend when it comes to discounts, concessions and added benefits. You have to draw your own limit and choose wisely who you give your favours to.

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