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Vipin Arora

Vipin Arora

“Driven by passion, anchored by reason.” Vipin Arora

Personal Success Mantras:

More than success mantras, I have few personal beliefs that have been of help to me:

If you check my social media profile status, there is one tagline on display for ages - ‘driven by passion, anchored by reason’. Being passionate about the work you do – which provides zeal, energy and positivity to dream and achieve your goals. Reasoning to add the practicality to the dreams and guide your way towards it. For me, its striking right balance for yourself.

You can learn from anywhere and everywhere if you have right approach and attitude towards it. I have been spending a lot of time in learning various new areas and skills beyond my function using e-learnings, webinars, attending courses and even asking experts across levels and I have always gained a lot from that. I have had no hesitation in asking even a college summer trainee to train me on a formula on excel sheet, if I find that interesting. So, its not about an organization level or trainer profile or institute, it’s all about what you want to learn and who can help you with that easily. At the end of it, you are better skilled than earlier, even if on smaller aspects.

I look at career as a journey and not a goal post. For me, the journey is as important as the end goal. So, I have picked up assignments that I liked sometimes leaving other high-paying or high-visibility assignments but made sure that I fully enjoy the work that I am part of. The enjoyment at assignment helps in better workplace rapport and thereby, contribute to your and other’s success.

As I’m writing this, I’m already planning next phase of my career journey which could be very different from the previous path. Whatever it turns out to be - passion, practicality, learning and enjoyment will still be my personal guiding principles.


Exploring Opportunities in the HR Industry:

I have always liked working in new areas where I get a sense of creating something new. In my past experiences, I have worked on a green-field manufacturing facility setting up HR department and also setting up a shared service center. I have exposure to starting new business lines and scaling up. This gives me opportunity to create something new as if working in a laboratory.

When we planned a huge HR transformation in our company by creating a Center of Excellence (CoE) and HR business partner model, I got interested in establishing compensation and benefits (C&B) CoE model in country across all our businesses. It has been a great learning for me to work in a specialized area like C&Be specially as I had experimented designing incentive and productivity schemes earlier in my career. My engineering background may also have contributed to my flair for numbers. I spent approx. 6 years managing C&B for India and ASEAN region before moving back again to HR Generalist role for spin-off of Resideo from Honeywell. That C&B role has helped me deliver better in next level of complexity of my assignments.


Major Life Learnings:

One of my major learnings has been that irrespective of your role, your position in an organization or the internal dynamics of an organization, there is still enough space and opportunities for you to find ways to add value, if you really want it. The boundaries are mostly in your mind and you get constrained by those, so you need to constantly challenge those boundaries. You can always volunteer for new projects or assignments and go beyond your job description to deliver. It adds a great learning and confidence in you and it also provides visibility and credibility not only in your organization but even beyond in the fraternity.

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