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Founder - The Happionaire Way | Entrepreneur | Yogesh Chabria

Yogesh Chabria

Yogesh Chabria

"Success is about giving maximum value to others, adapting to challenges, and asking the right questions to find new avenues of growth." Yogesh Chabria

On Creating An Environment That Translates Into Growth & Motivation To Thrive Over The Competitors:

I don't look at anybody as competition. I simply look at how I can give the maximum value and results to the people I am with. So it is never about me, but how they can grow, how they can increase their sales, their life, and their results.


The Challenges I Have To Overcome To Find My Success: 

Lots! Growing up, we couldn't even afford an auto ride. We would take the bus for distances only over 5 km. But every challenge helped me become stronger. As I wasn't born rich, I started selling toys when I was 5. I got a huge head start over others. When the coronavirus started, our live seminar business went down to zero. And that challenge led us to develop our online business, which became the most successful in India as they are all paid sessions. And our online programs now generate more revenue than the live ones.


The Ultimate Drive To Write A Book and The Kind Of Impact I Was Looking To Create On Others: 

I wrote the first one in the series when I got the idea while meditating. I believe in sharing whatever I know with the world and believe everyone can be happy & healthy if they take action and understand the mindset needed. My most recent one, Success - The Happionaire Way was written when my son, Samarvir, was born. I wouldn't get much sleep at night, so would sit and write the book. I wrote it in 30 nights and got my experience of 30 years in it.


On Developing A Business Model Resilient Enough To Recover From The Impact Of The Current Crisis And Be Future Ready For Potential Crises In The Future: 

Ask questions that change focus. Ask questions such as, "How Can I Benefit From This?" When your focus changes you start looking at new areas of growth. There are always things you can do if you look. 

On keynote speaking, leaving an impact on others and creating an immersive experience.