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Financial Consultant | Fitness Expert | Varun sood

Varun sood

Varun sood

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower" Varun sood

Overcoming Challenges And Maintaining A Proactive Approach: 

My Passion is to look great - however it started in 2015 when I was diagnosed with Facial Paralysis (Bell's Palsy). I was told my facial muscles are too weak to resist extreme cold weather. The person assisting me with my treatment prepared me well in advance that I wouldn't be able to recover beyond 70-80%. That almost landed me in depression state. Without any help with that disfigured face, specs to cover the eye as I wasn't able to close the eye lid, I hit gym.

People used to look at me with sympathy and used to calm me down stating looks are not everything. Even the gym trainers suggested me to sit back home. I wasn't ready to give up and hence I kept going. It turned out to be the most important thing when I started noticing changes in me. I recovered 100%, landed in the category of fitness modelling and was even approached by international agencies to collaborate for endorsing their fitness products.


Advice To Others Who Are Looking To Follow Their Passion But Are Not Able To Find That Balance: 

It's all about how badly you want to achieve it. It calls for a lot of discipline, dedication and sacrifices. If someone can spare 2-3 hours every day to watch TV, gossiping, drinking, partying.... I recommend to invest that time in yourself

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