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Ex-Google | Consulting NRI's | Author | Nupur Dave



"The art of leadership is saying no, not saying yes. It is very easy to say yes" NUPUR DAVE

My Journey While Moving Ahead In My Career:

As an immigrant in America, I had the best jobs but the worst guidance. I was living away from family, and it really affected the way I took challenges at work. I did the classic mistake of I'll work sincerely, and someone will take care of me at office'. I realized after years of keeping my heads down, that I have to take my work recognition in my own hands. I needed to focus on soft skills as much as technical skills.


Overcoming Challenges:

I had every syndrome we accuse women of. I said "sorry" all the time. I second guessed myself. I trusted that if the other person was louder than me, they must know more than me. I allowed others to cut me off mid-sentence and take over my speech. I doubted my own abilities and I had the "imposter syndrome".

It took me a long time to realize that everybody has doubts, some hide it better than others. I then started to do things that desi parents would call risks, (like take up a new job, move to new location) and that helped me be more aware about my own skills & my nature. I am a much more confident women and I feel taking risks is better than being an afraid employee.


What Advice Would You Give To Women: 

Stop worrying about 'how it's going to look'. Easy to say, hard to implement. I know, because even while I type this, I am still worried about how it will look. But I know that it could be the single biggest reason, you will be a no one VS a known-one. My fortitude has helped me, and I now professionally consult NRI's on taking big decisions like moving back to India.

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