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Customer Success Professional - Linkedln & Travel | Alok D'mello

Alok D'mello

Alok D'mello

"No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it" Alok D'mello

Your Role And The Challenges That You Face In Your Day To Day Routine: 

Working with LinkedIn, I help people find jobs and it's this one thing that helps me get up early morning everyday and get to work. As a Senior Customer Success Manager with LinkedIn, I work with the end users of our recruitment platform to ensure that they use it effectively and hire great talent for their organization. There are always challenges in everything you do, however I look at most of these as opportunities to learn and get better, a big one for me is the ability to prioritize my time well so I can ensure I deliver well for my customers.


Passion That Drives You And How Do You Manage To Follow Your Dreams Along With Your Professional Life: 

When you travel to a new place you move into the unknown and whatever you experience be it good or bad you will experience it first hand and learn from it. How often do we only read about things or hear things and form perceptions and more often than not we realise that the perception was far from the truth. It's the same with traveling to a new place. Now I am not saying throw your brain out of the window, yes there are countries that you should avoid depending on the current scenario and you should always respect the local culture and traditions but the ability to see a place which has been part of so much of history, taste something which you never thought you would eat, drink something completely different, speak to people who were random strangers a moment ago and see the beautiful world through your eyes is what drives me even though it is a tiring experience. As I just mentioned, more often than not travel does tire you and there will be ups and downs that will most likely come in one's way, the beauty here is you will learn to be more resilient and more often than not meet a kind soul along the way. A goal I keep sharing with my wife is to do 50 countries before we are 50. Actually I think it's easily doable, however I do also know there are many factors to keep in mind. In this regard I am blessed, my wife helps us plan our travel and more often than not is my rock and sounding board when things are tough even during our trips. To ensure this does not affect my work I plan well in advance and do look at multiple holidays etc. to plan better (yes I know, its not best for the budget). 


Most Important Lesson Learned In Life: 

In 2016 when I was at a friend's house for a get-together, he had this painting on the wall which said, The trouble is, you think you have time. I kept staring at it and that's when it hit me hard, there will always be a struggle to save, always be responsibilities and so many other things but if you put doing what you love for tomorrow, that day may never come. Coincidentally this was about the same time my wife and me were contemplating our first trip to Europe and cost was a big big factor, we decided to keep all expenses to an absolute bare minimum (which means no going out or anything) and did take our trip. We still talk about it till date. I do wish it is as easy for everyone who reads this and as truly I know it might not be the same with everyone, along a different path with their own challenges but I do want to still put this quote out there and hope it motivates many to keep at it and pursue their passion.


Rise-Solutions For The Year 2020: 

Honestly I am not a resolution kind of guy, but a few things which I have committed to myself to do.

1. Going to try and share my knowledge on traveling and even help folks plan their vacation.

2. Our daughter who is now 18 months does travel with us, to keep her as involved in this as her mind continues learning and soaking in new stuff.

3. I am at 16 countries, plan to do 20 by the end of the year.

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