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CEO & Managing Director | CXO/Leadership Coach | Sadhana S.



"Find the connection between knowledge & your passion" SADHANA S.

CEO & Managing Director, Practising CXO/Leadership Coach


My Journey While Moving Ahead In My Career:

As a person I can describe myself quite simply as intensely curious, courageous, conscious/determined towards excellence and value-driven. I have the capacity to face fear in its face and the capacity to handle uncertainties that would have held back overall growth of my organization, its people and mine. In my professional sphere, all these have played significant roles. Underlying all this has been my very own belief and value system that has moderated and balanced facets of my personality and its illustration.


Challenges Faced:

I have had my share of challenges, some fairly unique ones! Not to sound cliche, despite all the punches, bruises and tears, a really major contributor to who I am today, is because of those challenges. Like any other person, I am vulnerable to pain. However, after the first wave, I invested in intensely exploring the wisdom/ new realizations that challenges ensconce within them! That's when growth happens, in the most sustainable and authentic sense.


Words Of Wisdom To Restart Your Career:

I do not subscribe to the theory of work-life balance. Everything we do is life/part of life. Separating work from life takes away spirit from the deed! That said, you have to find the connection between knowledge, your passion and your role, and plan accordingly. I believe that life in general, is not really a life devoid of challenges.

To succeed in the midst of this and more often than not, when you are in the eye of the storm, is the essence called living. Like someone said, all men die, only some live! So, find your passion - regardless of what role you address, there is always opportunity to infuse your uniqueness into it and thus spur passion!

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