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Career Transition Coach | Keynote Speaker | Author | John Neral

John Neral

John Neral

"Lessons from failure help us grow in life, we are the totality of our experiences." John Neral

Influencing as a Leader:


One thing that has helped me continually level up my presence and credibility in the marketplace is staying very consistent in my marketing and messaging. I wasn’t looking for or expecting some quick and immediate route to success. I knew it would be a steady climb to grow my business. For me, this meant sending leadership and career transition emails to my community every week. It meant staying consistent with social media and my podcast. Eventually, I found lots of opportunities to speak and connect. But the most important thing for me was to be very clear in my thoughts about my business, and that has helped me communicate clearly about how I can help people find a job they love or love the job they have.



Setbacks as Learning Experiences:


I learned years ago that my Learner’s Mindset would serve me very well at work and in my life. My mind is always open to welcoming new opportunities and learning from each experience and connection I make. Additionally, I am less afraid of failures now, than I was years ago. Failure just means that something didn’t work out the way you wanted. But with failure, there is so much to learn and grow with. For me, it’s about taking those lessons learned from failure, re-evaluating what worked and what didn’t, and then creating a new plan for the course of action that I want to take next.


I have had “failures” in my business where things didn’t work out as planned. I remember accepting a job that wasn’t a great move for me, but I never made that mistake again. It’s those lessons that help us grow to where we are today. We are the totality of our experiences.



‘John Neral Coaching LLC’:


Whether it be the #showupchallenge or Energy Leadership, they are all a part of helping my clients build their Mid-Career GPS. I coach my clients through four components as they develop their Mid-Career GPS. Those four components are: Preparation, Positioning, Promoting Who You Are and What You Do, and How You SHOW UP.


My coaching platform helps my clients explore and navigate each of these areas to help make the best decisions for them in their life and at work. It’s one of the things I genuinely enjoy so much about one-on-one coaching. Everyone’s journey is a bit different and that’s what makes it unique.



Formulating the Best-Sellers:


I’m very proud and humbled by my books’ success. When I wrote SHOW UP – Six Strategies to Lead a More Energetic and Impactful Career, I wanted to write a book that would clarify what showing up has meant to my clients and me, as I coach them on how they want to SHOW UP. Every time I meet someone, they tell me that they need to “show up differently,” but they don’t know what that looks like. I wanted my book to give them some perspective and ideas for what showing up might look like for them.


When I wrote Your Mid-Career GPS – Four Steps to Figuring Out What’s Next, I wanted to write a book that has a lot of information and resources to help people navigate to whatever is next in their career. Some people will read my book, and want help with their resume or LinkedIn. Others will need the chapter on interviewing. I firmly believe that everyone needs to do the mental work around their strengths and attitudes, which is why it is the first chapter of the book. Added to this, I took my #showup6strategies and gave them a refreshed look because of the pandemic and the job search process.



Sources of Powerful Lessons:


I’ve been beyond blessed to have had opportunities to work with some of the most incredibly and impressive leaders I could ever think of. When I was teaching, my district mathematics coordinator was a huge influence and mentor to me. He always encouraged me to try different things, find what worked in my classroom and with my students, and then find ways to share that information with others.


Before I started my coaching practice full-time, I worked with a wonderful Vice-President who was incredibly knowledgeable and a great leader. She knew how to have some of the most challenging conversations. She always said, “It doesn’t cost you anything to be kind.” I watched her lead powerfully and gracefully. I appreciate her mentorship and kindness till date.


Lastly, I worked with a wonderful business coach who mentored and guided me to set up my business. One of the most valuable lessons he taught me was to be consistent. He would say that consistency allows you to fine-tune your message. Keep putting yourself out there, and someone will hear you. Someone will resonate with your message, and you will start growing your business- one person at a time.

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