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Bhavesh Kataria - VP @ Korn Ferry | Leading Recruitment Outsourcing Initiatives

Bhavesh Kataria

Bhavesh Kataria

"Get your hands dirty. There is no other success mantra than to do it yourself and learn" Bhavesh Kataria

Personal Success Mantras:

Get your hands dirty. There is no other success mantra than to do it yourself and learn. As you grow in your career and lead teams, your teams look up to you to address big and small problems. You can only provide correct guidance if you have done it yourself.

I started my career as a programmer and was programming for the first 10 years of my career, even when I was the delivery head. I made a career choice a decade ago to switch to strategic roles in recruitment outsourcing services. I always thought I knew recruitment well until I sat down myself to deliver recruitment services to clients. Having done it myself gives immense confidence in defining vision, strategy, and making realistic plans.

Remember, there is no shortcut to success without getting your hands dirty. So roll up your sleeves, and do not hesitate to play with the clay if you are a potter! 


Roadblocks Encountered:

Like many, I have been through phases where the temptation to quit or avoid a definite failure was strong. However, unlike many, I continued and failed in those tough situations. The reason for my choice was my strong desire to fail, reflect, replan, execute, succeed, and never fail in the same situation again.

I must mention that at a young age I wanted to be a scientist, as I had read that scientists never fail, they collect data points! I did not become a scientist eventually, but I am still a big fan of data points.


Perspective On The Future Of Talent Acquisitions:

The future of TA in my vision is the right blend of human and technology touch points. The technology to make the process efficient and humans to act as an advisor to the potential candidates. TA professionals need to move away from filling in the seats to be advisors to the potential candidates and help them make the right choices in their careers. The future of TA is a data led high touch consultancy service.


Mentors That Have Guided You:

I would like to take the opportunity to offer my gratitude to the two leaders, who have helped me make the right decisions in my career. Steve Weston and Hazel Lancashire. I am lucky that I happened to have their guidance at the time when I most needed advice and mentorship.

In addition to many learnings, I have from them, the two that stand out for me are the ability to make on the spot decisions and to stand by my team when they make mistakes.


Addressing The Need For Diversity And Inclusion In Companies:

There is a no better time than NOW to build further upon your company D&I strategy or to define one now if you have not started the journey yet. As a Leader, I believe we have to fine-tune our leadership styles to adapt to the current remote working environment. We need to make a conscious effort to promote an inclusive culture.

The D&I has taken the top spot in my list of priorities in the past few months, as I believe companies now have more power to create diverse job opportunities than they had before. For example, the companies who were unable to employ people with disabilities due to lack of infrastructure in office premises can now employ them with WFH assignments.

I also observe that while D&I is a buzz word in the leadership circle, there is a lot more work required to create awareness amongst the employees. We can use the current times to review our D&I practices and include it as a standard agenda item in all our internal meetings to promote the culture.