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Yoga & Wellness Expert | Sunaina Rekhi

Sunaina Rekhi

Sunaina Rekhi

"There is no such thing as an unimportant day" Sunaina Rekhi

Factors That Changed Your Life:

What changed my life altogether was a commitment to live authentically. I found tremendous strength in being true to myself and accepting life for all it is. That was probably my biggest drive- to live my life as I had always dreamt of.

The decision to choose yoga also meant choosing a certain lifestyle for me. It required me to let go of all the habits that were not aligned to my path. A lot of courage crawled into my body as soon as I saw myself living a live guided by the things that mattered the most to me. The moment I choose to become fearless, people's opinions about me stopped pulling me back. I understood the truest essence of freedom only when I was free from negativity and fear.

I let my talent and love guide me to my path and in no time I had the happiest life I've ever lived. It was a leap of faith but the outcome was truly beautiful for me.


Overcoming Challenges:

I believe that how we spend our days is ultimately how we spend our lives. I had felt it in my heart that I was compromising with my life for the former part. I was taking the easy road and I never had enough courage to break through and run to the things I actually love. It was a strange feeling of happiness yet dissatisfaction. I was drowned in this constant feeling that I was supposed to be doing something else, and that there was something that I was missing out on.

Stepping out of my comfort zone, to compromise with the security of marriage and finances, to start my own business and to be living with my daughter on my own with no family- everything was scary for me. There was indeed a lot in stake too. I had to mind map a lot and convince myself too, before I was finally ready to face everything.

 I now feel that moments of break though always feel like this. When you come to a crossroad where you have to make honest decisions about your future-it is filled with confusion, unsurity and a lot of dilemmas. But you have to bear with the responsibilities that come with your decision.

For me, these decisions were made so much easier when I realized what I wanted to do with my life, what my values were, and when I found my purpose in life. You truly owe it to yourself to find a way to keep doing things that you love and that make you happy. Finding your purpose can be as simple as asking yourself what is that you are truly passionate about. Then you take one of those things and find a way to make it a bigger part of your life everyday. I promise you will be filled with only happiness and no regrets.


Change Of Perception As You Grew Older:

Yes definitely! When I was younger I understood change as something inevitable. But it was difficult to make myself believe that I will be okay no matter what changes.

Now, whatever life has for me to offer, I welcome every change with a "bring it on" motto. Some experiences aren't the best, sometimes you get hurt, you undergo pain or your heart sinks in- it is all of these bad moments that I live as peacefully with as my happy days. Everything in life has taught me a lot. As long as it is helping you grow, the struggles only shape you to a better person.

I have learned now to seek clarity over control and courage over certainty.

It truly takes a lot to walk into the future knowing that you don’t have all the details figured out. Your next step might end up being the best of all times or the worst you could have ever brought to yourself but nevertheless you have to choose at some point. The truth is, no one ever really knows how it’s all going to look like, but you probably have a good idea of how you want to feel. You know what is most important to you.


Finding The Balance Between Work & Motherhood:

The way I look at it, your days are your life in miniature. What you do today is actually creating your future. For me, there is no such thing as an unimportant day when you want to have a wonderful life and achieve great things. This is why I believe building rituals into your day is extremely important. One of the most important and beneficial daily rituals I follow religiously is to wake up early and take a couple of hours for myself each morning. I stretch and spend some time thinking, exercising, and caring for myself. After a refreshing start I can easily bounce back to work- catching up on emails and other pressing business matters. I try not to start my day at full speed because a few quiet moments for myself in the morning altogether makes me a better person for the rest of the day. I also make sure that I find time to walk my dog- Sufi and have some quality time with my daughter- Samaira everyday.

Reading is also something that I don’t go a day without- even if it’s just a few pages before I go to sleep at night. These are things that are very important to me and have now become a non- negotiable part of my day.


As An Influencer, What Parameters Do You Use To Measure Success:

Being able to achieve a success metric is hard, but knowing which metric to achieve is important. For me, my success metric is what I value most. A happy family, a happy home, and a happy work environment adds up to a happy life.

I value making a difference in life and living with integrity. I always encourage people to try and do the same. And that's probably the most beautiful truth about our ability to share- If you give even just a little of yourself, you receive a lot in return.


Evolution Of Fitness Industry:

As a result of people being prevented from going out to gyms and fitness centers, the traditional fitness and yoga studios are all trying to explore innovative ways to venture into businesses. They are launching live streaming fitness sessions and pre-recorded online classes, both of which are great ways to keep health on track in these challenging circumstances. The fitness industry is increasingly leveraging digital opportunities for a connected experience with customers. It is wonderful to see people still wanting to keep up with their fitness goals and working towards them.

With the pandemic, maintaining physical fitness has become more of a necessity for everybody otherwise. Besides we can only pray for the good health of all and wish that all our lives get back to normal as soon as possible.