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Wellness Expert - Concentrix | Dr. Swati Chawla

Dr. Swati Chawla

Dr. Swati Chawla

"I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people" Dr. Swati Chawla

Limitations In The Early Stages Of Your Life: 

I always take LIMITATIONS as OPPORTUNITIES since childhood. Opportunities originate because limitations and challenges exist. I was a full-time psychologist in a well-known hospital. As long as I remember, I don't think many people wanted to WORK in WELLNESS way back in 2008, it was considered as the least opted career option then. I was specifically asked if I HAD taken the right decision.

Acceptance of this concept was merely present in corporates and even if it existed, it was just in very small parts. But after I researched the trends over the world, I could foresee an opportunity in this and started building corporate wellness programs. With lot of research, innovation and strategically placing & evolving the concept on wellness, today it has brought me to a pedestal where people consult me and make me part of their advisory board. I created awareness of wellness in more than 1000 corporates and created almost 500 corporate clients who opted for some level of wellness over the years. Even today in India, many corporates are just doing a TICK MARK Job in wellness. That's the biggest challenge; that we need to CREATE: - a CULTURE of SUSTAINABLE, HOLISTIC and MEASUREABLE Wellness Initiatives.


Meaning Of Healthy Living To You: 

My Wellness Mantra is BALANCE- Balance of everything. IF I am emotionally STABLE, resilient and possess high EO, I would be better equipped to take care of all the parameters of my life. Losing my father at an early stage, I know has impacted me very strongly as a child. I was just 10 years old. We took him to every possible hospital, but none could diagnose the issue and we lost him suddenly. The fact that I could not do much about it (for my father) always played at back of my mind. But I did figure out that if people keep a check on their health every year, this can help NOT losing someone in your family all of a sudden. This gave me a VISION to MAKE PREVENTIVE HEALTH / WELLNESS MY GOAL and PURPOSE of LIFE. I chose Corporate Wellness because I feel I must make impact faster and with many. If I EDUCATE ONE employee, I educate the ENTIRE FAMILY on wellness.


Ways In Which Leaders Prevent Their Workforce From Burning-Out: 

Not everyone becomes a LEADER! Apart from their knowledge, skills, competencies as leaders, they are leaders because they have better resilience and a lifestyle that can help them recover from stress or cope with daily challenges and maintain that speed to succeed. Leaders indeed are extremely important to build a culture. However, I still believe burn out and resilience are very individualistic and hence building wellness programs are more critical to help resolve BURNOUT. What I look forward as support from leaders is to start culture of Wellness in each organization. Have the BELIEF that the wellness programs are important for organizations. That's the contribution that they can begin with.


Your Advice: 

Each one of us is going through some or the other issues in life. But a real Hero is the one who Fights Back and Bounces BACK. No body can help you BUT you Yourself!

1.The fact that a person wants to get back to work, in itself is an achievement, so FEEL proud of yourself and appreciate Yourself. 2. Accept the reality that you have an issue. 3. Put yourself first. 4.Break any barrier of stigma. 5. The WILL to get better. 6. Ask and seek appropriate help. 7. Have patience and put in efforts to improve. 8. Get into a routine. 9. Get a healthy lifestyle. 10. Create work life balance. 11. Choose an organization that supports wellness. 12. Know your stressors; Keep a check on them and equip yourself accordingly. 13. Keep a diary and note small successes and Reward yourself for same. 14. Write your gratitude moments and put in a Gratitude Jar.15. Seek help whenever required. 16. Rejuvenate and smile.

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