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Vivek Suri- Head of Collections in NBFC

Vivek Suri

Vivek Suri

"A Leader is someone who demonstrates what's possible." Vivek Suri

Current Role And The Challenges That You Face In Your Day To Day Routine:

I am responsible for collections of secured products. I manage the North India region. The challenge can be understood by itself as I have to collect repayments from customers in an ever-slowing economy.


Passion That Drives You And How Do You Manage To Follow Your Dreams Along With Your Professional Life: 

I am a runner and that happens naturally to me. Passion sounds like an imposed thing but running ranks above all for me. As in I don't have to, may be, do any planning to run. It's ingrained now. How do I put this... Running is like the first thing for me post I get up. Passion may be something for which you have to allocate time / create space in your schedule... whatever, but running to hai hi naa. For me running coexists like everyone or any other thing around you. You don't have to plan/ create space for things that are there. Example the sun shines and it is as simple. Running to karni hai bhaiya... I travel, sometimes a lot, and I carry my shoes and running apparel along. Holidays also it's the same.


Importance Of Health & Fitness: 

Most important. Sits on the top. Even above your parents, spouse, children, siblings and the rest of the world. I would further like to indulge in activities like cycling, swimming, skating & ultra-marathon.

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