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The Divorce Monk | TedX Speaker | Brand Strategist | Vani Kabir

Vani Kabir

Vani Kabir

"I believe universe is not made of atoms it’s made of stories" Vani Kabir

Discovery Of Passion:

Being a divorce monk isn’t my passion , it's my soul purpose. I realised this when I got divorced and had a motley crew of people who would stand next to me and support. The mistakes I made through my divorce, the way I fell into uncaring relationships post that, because there was no one to guide and care. Hence the divorce monk ,and its not just about marital divorce. It’s about divorce from work divorce from the faith, divorce from relationships, divorce from parents, divorce from yourself. We at Vani Kabir worldwide work with all these aspects to help you heal and work on your personal growth.


Management Of Professional Life, Being A Single Mother:

Single motherhood or I would say  single parenthood is not easy. Your problems are compounding and your happiness is diminishing. But what is important is that you have to control over your decision making. For me, I took it as though I am the only one to be blamed for everything wrong. It is very overwhelming to go through the day without anyone having to give you a single compliment, without anyone telling you that you did a great job, without anyone holding your hand at the end of the day and saying that I know you’re tired. Single parents are warriors fighting battles every day.

I have just one tip for all the single parents, and that is segment your day. When you wake up in the morning divide your day into multiple segments. Under each segment mention what you would like to accomplish. Achieve it.


Importance Of Storytelling:

I believe universe is not made of atoms it’s made of stories. Storytelling is an amazing art that propels the reader or the listener to imagine what’s not there and imagination as we all know is the greatest tool for manifestation. As far as books go I have way too many favourites. I’ve never been one genre reader. But from my recent reads I love Michelle Obama’s Becoming and Big magic from Elizabeth Gilbert.


Your Book "Unmarry Me":

Yes you heard it right. I am coming up with my own book which is based on emotions. If I ask you to guess that how many emotions does a human actually deal with? There are approximately 34,000 emotions that humans have to deal with. And these emotions are what my book is all about! It’s about unmarrying the tough ones, it’s about getting past the uncomfortable emotions and understanding them through short poems. It’s a divorced poetry book with some heart-breaking stories and activities that will undo your hurt. It’s called UnMarry Me.


Your Experience Being A Part Of A Platform Like Tedx Paris:

Honestly, I was very scared on my trip to Paris because I genuinely thought that people might not receive my content the same way that my country does. But in my TEDx speech rehearsal, I met a professor who said that I have great communication skills, then why am I not putting them to optimum use. And I told him that I feel uncomfortable sharing it with a foreign audience, that they might not understand where I am coming from on such a sensitive topic of divorce, what he replied was that emotions are the same all over the world and hurt doesn’t differentiate. That was one of the best speeches that I have ever given.

Steps For Companies To Enhance Their Resilience And Be Market Ready:

There is a word called planning. Planning is the key to surviving the current crisis. We all are sitting here thinking that the economy is going to revive itself on its own. But that’s not happening. We have to do it ourselves, and the way to do it is by planning. Plan how are you going to launch or relaunch your business, plan how are you going to post what you lost. Plan how are you going to take care of your employees and the mental health. Plan because that’s the best you can do in this time.


Future Plans With Vani Kabir Worldwide:

Vani Kabir worldwide is a company that we launched during the lockdown. A lot of people advised me against it saying that this is not the time period to launch something new. But me being me I went ahead with it. And in the last three months it has been the most promising decision that I have ever taken. With VKW we plan to reach out to heartbroken people who were not understood by most of the world, we plan to work with various dimensions of personal growth. We plan on working with people who have spiritual awakening and are looking to move to the next level of life.

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