"Focus on power networking, personal branding and hard work"

My Journey While Moving Ahead In My Career:

I've taken a lot of risks, stretched beyond my day job and helped leaders in my organization achieve their goals. Doing all of this, has helped me in moving up the ladder!


Challenges Faced:

Several! The first being getting caught in the work-life crossroad. I've always told myself "Hang in there Simi!" and this has held me in good stead. I've also faced unconscious biases from a few bosses. My leadership skills were often misjudged. I continued standing up for what I believed in and kept on working really really hard. There's no short cut to hardwork and success.


Words Of Wisdom To Restart Your Career:

Focus on power networking, personal branding and hard work. Do not overdo the first 2. Upskilling and learning something new should be high on the agenda. Find a mentor sponsor who will help in your growth journey.

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