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Spiritual Coach | Writer and Akashic Record Teacher | Medium and Psychic | Manmit Kumarr

Manmit Kumarr

Manmit Kumarr

"Not everyone will understand you, and that is ok. Trust your heart and leave the rest to the universe." Manmit Kumarr

Towards a spiritual awakening

Instinct. We all have it to different degrees, but with me, it was strong and, most importantly, quite precise. While my childhood gave me the best of academics and exposure, considering the travel experienced with my father in the defence forces, I had learned a lot about different people.

As a child, I would have dreams of my past lives. At times I was intrigued, and at other times I was scared. But somewhere, I knew that I had some special gifts. I was able to correctly predict events, see energies around people, and sense danger.

While I went on with my education and career, these gifts helped me in many difficult situations. I started reading books at an early age and knew that one day I would be able to put all these gifts together. I intuitively knew that the time for this was in the second part of my life.

True to my intuition, I worked for 19 years in the corporate world in good leadership positions. My dreams, my intuition, and my awareness kept growing, and towards the end of these 19 years, I had a near-death experience that became my awakening.

This experience opened up the "other world" to me, where I was clearly able to hear my spirit guides. All those dreams, all those messages, and all those gifts suddenly sprung forward in a clear understanding that I must leave the traditional path and start a new chapter of my life. This was to be my purpose. I was told that my birth had happened to help people realise their true potential.

Near-death experience

I remember having a near-death experience. Yes, some may find it unbelievable, but it’s true. Most people experience such issues during sudden, unnatural deaths, but for some spiritually inclined people, like me, it has happened. I could feel my soul leaving my body as I was chanting the ‘mahamrintunjay’ mantra for three hours, with the only thought in my mind being that if my life purpose is achieved, I should leave this body. I felt my soul on the fan, and I could see the body on the bed clearly. It was a feeling of complete peace and the feeling of leaving my life path to move towards spiritualism.

Immersing in spiritual awareness

The work I do is to enable people to be emotionally healed and grow on their spiritual journey. My primary work is as a spiritual coach, and while I do this, I am also a medium and a psychic.

I bring my gifts to the world through workshops and personal sessions. Many people are looking to start their spiritual journey, and others are in deep pain and grief. It is important to heal yourself before undertaking the spiritual path. As a medium, I help people connect to departed souls, and as a psychic, I help them see the possibilities that lie in their future.

The spiritual workshops are focused on automatic writing, akashic records, and mediumship. The personal sessions include coaching on Pain to Power, relationship challenges in Twin Flames, and healing soul contracts.

My advice to people who are inclined towards spirituality is to take their intuition seriously. It is quite rare to have this gift in such a logical world. Though it may seem tough for you to establish a career in this field, the good news is that awareness around healing is increasing.

Each human who feels a pull towards this line must trust their life plan and do this work courageously. Not everyone will understand you, and that is ok. Trust your heart and leave the rest to the universe.

Roadblocks and the challenges of life

As a child and a young adult, I did not face too many roadblocks. The challenge that I experienced was when I set foot on the spiritual path—that too, as a teacher. Society is not completely tuned to accepting energy work. They see it as a break from daily life. Spiritual retreats and meditations have almost become a way to take a break. Nothing could be farther from the truth! True spirituality teaches you how to deal with daily life and overcome the challenges of the relationships we have in our lives.

The lack of awareness around emotional pain and grief is the main cause of suicide and violence. Even then, we shy away from seeking professional help because people who do are judged.

The Past Life Regression Theory

One of the most interesting aspects that I help people practice is past-life regression theory. Based on reincarnation, our soul never dies. In fact, it takes birth in other lives. We often carry past-life memories in the DNA of our soul. People often go through conditions caused by trauma in life. Like a surgeon may fear operations or a pilot could dread flying, in such conditions we make use of semi-hypnosis, and a person is guided to see the past life which is causing commotion and pain in this lifetime.

My purpose

My purpose is to help create 5 million lightworkers in the world. Lightworkers are people who transform their own lives through spirituality and then enable others to do the same. The School of Spiritual Sciences that is underway will create teachers who take this work to the world.

The mission is to create a society that is emotionally stable and spiritually sufficient.

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