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Sales Director - Resource Solutions & Fitness Exp | Sachin Jolly

Sachin Jolly

Sachin Jolly

"Where there is no vision, there is no hope" Sachin Jolly

Your Current Role And The Early Challenges You Faced: 

My existing role is to manage TA solutions and new client acquisitions across India for Resource Solutions. I wear multiple hats within the organization to ensure we remain ahead of our competition and provide excellence in what we do. Human capital is the backbone of any organization and to stay constantly ahead of the league, an organization needs the best talent. My job is no different to any other Talent Acquisition manager, where I am required to hire and train people who lookup to me as a career mentor and a change leader to deliver excellence.


Driving Passion And Managing To Follow Your Dreams Along With Your Professional Life: 

I'm very serious about my passion(s), which is fitness and off roading! There is barely any day in my life when I am not thinking of how to stay fit. I have been into Taekwondo, weight training, running and functional fitness for almost 20+ years now and I must say, this is in my DNA. I believe that if there's a will, there's a way. Wherever I go, I take my sports kit along and ensure that I take out time, irrespective of the schedule I manage. I'm sure that friends/family who know me well, will vouch for my addiction to sports. Minor injuries and fractures haven't deterred me from following my fitness regime and that's a testament to the seriousness I have for my health. 


Importance Of Health / Wellness For Any Individual And About Health & Fitness Events You’ve Taken Part In: 

Health is wealth, that's so true. Looking at the lifestyle we all maintain these days, fitness of any kind is a must. I encourage my kids and actively participate with them in outdoor activities. I'm a firm believer of the saying, no pain, no gain. It is easy to start some kind of fitness, but to maintain discipline is very difficult. My suggestion to everyone out there is to get out and get fit and if they can't manage time for exercise, they should at least eat a well-balanced diet. 


Fitness Activity/Events You'd Like To Indulge More In The Future: 

I'm almost on the verge of completing a fitness certification and next up, I want to be a wellness champion and start training people. We all need to give something back to the society and that would be my way of doing it. My goals will be to work for the well being of my family, colleagues in my organization/industry and personally run an iron-man competition in 2021, to be held in South Africa and to break the age barrier by becoming one of the fittest person over 40.


Your Advice For Others:

Nothing is more important than passion. No matter what you do in your life, continue to live your dreams through your passion. Your profession and passion needs to move in parallel and my suggestion to all out there is to start small, but with conviction. In my case, my passion drives me to do better in my profession, as I believe that physical well being is such an integral part of overall well being of an individual. My extreme training takes care of mental & physical health, which keeps me strong & steady!

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