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Ritu Tandon - Founder & CEO of Shivoham Unlocking Potentials | Motivational Speaker | Empowerment Coach | Author

Ritu Tandon

Ritu Tandon

Ritu Tandon

Crucial Success Skills Forged Through My Journey

As an empowerment coach and helping people to unleash their potential the most important skill that has been my strength is being emotionally intelligent and balanced. This skill not only helps me to connect with people easily but also guides me to communicate effectively. Humans are social creatures and emotions are the governing force that conducts how we think, behave or act in every situation. Being emotionally sound and stable helps me to respond positively and consciously rather than reacting on impulse. This inner strength helps me to be patient and resilient in adverse situations. 

Managing my negative emotions in a constructive way is an asset that has paid good returns. After spending more than 2 decades in the corporate when I switched to corporate training as a full time profession, the world was taken by Covid and everything seemed to have come to a stand still. It was this inner strength of inner peace and emotional harmony that made me utilise the time in authoring 2 books and learning new skills and acquiring more certifications in various modalities. Rather than sitting and regretting my decision of leaving a financially well paying job, I stayed calm and allowed my emotions to flow out in various creative ways. Being a banker I moved from a world of numbers to a world of words. 

It was a smooth and fulfilling transition allowing me expand and spread my wings. I started writing, creating video content, digital course and designing my signature EEP( employee empowerment program). Another important skill that has helped me in life: is understanding the link between mind, body and soul through using Neuro linguistic programming . This modality has helped me improvise my communication skills and ability to connect with people and transform their lives. Building a good rapport with my clients helps me to impart and share my learnings and trainings easily and effectively. Being empathetic has has also helped me as a leader to keep my team, my clients and the participants of my programs motivated and engaged. In the end I would say mastering your mind and emotions is the only skill that helps you to successfully navigate through the dynamic world.

Crafting Creative Opportunities from Every Challenge

I believe when you reprogram your mind with the the right belief system, infuse a positive attitude and follow a productive routine you become a pillar of strength. I have always been a person of faith and my spiritual connect empowers me to believe in myself and my abilities. My faith helps me overcome my fears and gives me the courage to face any challenge. For me problems are opportunities for growth and evolution and that is why I always face any challenge heads on. Over the years I have developed a solution oriented mindset and am a firm believer that for every lock there is a key. This theory helps me to look for solutions rather than harp about the problem. I can proudly say I cannot control the situations outside but I have control how I respond to the external situations. When you believe that “you can “ it holds true every time and you emerge as a victor.

My Impact

I started “Shivoham unlocking potentials” with a purpose to help working professionals excel both in their personal and professional life. I have worked in the corporate and understand the pain points like struggling to find success along with inner peace, work life balance or relationship issues etc that affects most employees. Through years of devoting my life on path of self-development, I discovered the key to a happy and fulfilling life is by changing your mental programming towards success and abundance. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world and when we fine tune our operating system we transform our lives. I love sharing my insights through my training programs, Motivational sessions, empowerment workshops, books , video logs and digital courses. My community is growing each day and I am getting an overwhelming response. 

Few of my achievements stated below that reflect my work is getting its due recognition: 

Author of 2 motivational books :- 

1) 21 Power Keys - To create your dream life 

2) Ticket To Tranquility Both books published and available as self-help books for seekers on amazon/ kindle

Scaling New Heights in Personal and Professional Triumphs

Success means different things to different people. It is subjective to an individual and his own aspirations. For me success is more holistic and I measure it against 5 parameters - 

When External materialistic success comes with inner peace and joy. When you feel abundant and resourceful. Living a life driven by passion and purpose where you are excelling in what you do and also contributing to welfare of the world. This is success for me, when I love what I do, I am financially independent. I am surrounded by my loved ones. I follow a healthy life style and am motivated to deliver my best. A inner connection to my soul or divine above empowers me each day to be grateful for what I have and ambitious to do more. I am blessed to be walking on this road and still have miles to go before I sleep.

The Synergy Between My Path and Recognition Values

My journey is a testimony that life beyond the comfort zone is beautiful. Each day is like an unknown chapter where you discover your own strengths, overcome your own weakness and move forward. The good days make you happy and the bad ones teach you so much. A positive attitude and eagerness to learn keeps you charged. It is the power of self-believe that makes you stand tall at times of adversity. Moving from a well paying job to an entrepreneur is not an easy task but your commitment to live a meaningful life, contribute to the well being of the world and look beyond materialistic goals is the key that kept me going. The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose and leave behind a legacy. I am trying to do my bit in whatever way I can. I am happy, satisfied and fulfilled that is my greatest reward.