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Nutritionist and Wellness Coach | Dietician | Avni Kaul

Avni Kaul

Avni Kaul

"I think starting a journey without any back-up was the turn around of my life" Avni Kaul

Discovery Of Passion For Nutrition And Health:

I realized my interest in Nutrition when I was in school. I was interested in articles on health, fitness, recipes, etc. After school, I decided to further my education by enrolling in a B.Sc. in Food and Nutrition from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University. Later I completed my M.Sc. in the same subject from the Institute of Home Economics. I always wanted to do something exciting, challenging and interesting where I could also simultaneously make an impact in the lives of people. I wanted to opt for a profession that could make a difference in people's lives on a daily basis. As a Nutritionist and wellness coach, I deal with several kinds of people with various challenges of their own. This gives me an opportunity to do something positive for them which gives me immense satisfaction.

Dealing with patients and their families, and helping them through a difficult phase is extremely satisfying for me. I was interested in sports and therefore was curious to know about hydration requirements of athletes. This inquisitiveness lead me towards discovering my passion and I moved towards nutrition and health as a career. When one asks about setting apart, there are several parameters. Starting my own venture was a tough call without any previous experience. My family also did not have a business background and so I had to learn to be an entrepreneur myself. I developed my business acumen over a period of time after talking to several people. Many of my members helped me with words of encouragement, suggestions and moral support. But what I had and still have is the willingness to learn and explore. My family supported me in every way they could and today I am able to run a successful enterprise. So, I think starting a journey without any backup was the turnaround of my life as a professional. And probably, this set me apart in this industry. I learned about running a clinic on the job.


Driving Force Behind Creating Such A Distinctive Career:

As I said earlier my love for learning and knowledge of science helped me to choose this career that is related to nutrition and health. According to me, health is more important than anything else. Without good health, one cannot do the things that one needs to do without any problems. Sadly, there are several people, who due to various issues, end up having a poor lifestyle which is a deterrent to a comfortable life. Many people come to meet me with their stories that include several kinds of physical and mental hardships. As a nutritionist, I really feel content that I am able to make some positive changes in their lives. When I see someone who once was obese or was suffering from thyroid and is now living a healthy and happy life, it gives me immense satisfaction. This motive of bringing something positive in a person's life, even if it a small one, was the driving force when I had started and it still is the case.


Encouragement And Empowerment Of People To Follow A Holistic Approach To Optimal Living:

The idea of making people aware of good health without using unnecessary medicines was always the sole motivation when I started Avni Kaul's Nutri Activania. This is the reason I did my higher studies in the field of Nutrition Science. As a Nutritionist, I am able to help people with several lifestyle-related diseases. It gives me satisfaction that I am able to improve the quality of their lives with the help of diet and nutrition. I always try to implement the holistic way for their treatment that is completely in synch with their body and surroundings. Avni Kaul's Nutri Activania is a brand, that believes in promoting a healthy lifestyle, which is something people generally tend to overlook owing to all the hustle and bustle of their lives. So, when anyone comes to me and asks me how can they bring in a change, it is a moment that helps me realize that they are willing to trust me and it motivates me. And when I see them as a satisfied client, then I can say that yes, Nutri Activania is able to bring that change. The goal is to make people aware that by following a good diet, taking care of your lifestyle, or making minor changes, one can gain optimal levels of both physical and mental life. We encourage people to live a healthy and content life through all of these.


Major Pillars Of Health For Overall Wellbeing:

Honestly, this is a very easy yet complicated thing for several people. The reason being good health is in your hand. And it's you who will decide what shape you want to give. The major reason why most people suffer from poor physical health is due to lack of awareness about their health. People at times do not pay attention to what they are eating or drinking. For example, lack of physical activities, improper sleep time, and ignoring relaxation time all lead to ill health. The major pillars of health are quite simple to achieve if you have the willingness and those are nutrition, regular exercise, relaxation, and sleep.

All these will help you to maintain and retain the overall well-being.


Ways To Handle Troubled Relationship With Food And Body Image Issues:

As a nutritionist, I never recommend eating unhealthy foods especially if it is a part of daily routine. Occasionally it is fine but not in the longer run. It is more important these days because majority of the people have been living indoors for the last many months due to the pandemic and this can be frustrating and can easily give rise to boredom.

People often indulge in fast foods to curb their cravings. As a result, they often ignore the portion or quantity. The pandemic and lockdown have given rise to this trend. People are often indulging in unhealthy boring eating. Those foods are not easy to digest as a result of which issues like obesity, blood pressure, and cholesterol occur. And there is little or no physical activity because of people being housebound. One needs to change one's lifestyle to overcome it. For example, do exercises that can be done at home such as push-ups, squats, skipping, and even yoga or pilates.

Doing household chores regularly is also exercising. Replace unhealthy snacks with healthy ones. Instead of munching chips, opt for dry fruits, raw vegetables and fruits. To indulge your sweet tooth, opt for natural sweets that are available in various fruits. To overcome boredom, spend time with your family at home or do some household activities that will keep you busy and divert your mind from unnecessary munching of unhealthy foods. Maintain a good lifestyle by taking proper rest and have a regular sleep pattern. Uneven sleep is also a contributor to weight gain and other ailments. Take proper breakfast to start with and continue with your lunch and dinner on time with one or 2 snacking times during the day. But remember snacking does not mean fast food. When you eat a nutritious diet, it will keep you satiated for a longer time and keep you healthy too.

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