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Mindset Speaker | Mindset Coach | Vinita Ramtri

Vinita Ramtri

Vinita Ramtri

"The price of greatness is responsibility" Vinita Ramtri

Your Journey While Moving Ahead In My Career:

Always keen to get started, I began with a summer job at a Bajaj Showroom in Jaipur. Soon though, I got a space at the Oberoi Centre for Learning and Development and began my career in the hotel industry. My current role as Head of Controls Automation at a large British Bank is to be a trusted advisor to business leaders in shaping transformation and automation initiatives in keeping with business strategy, current trends and themes.


Advancing Your Career Forward:

There is a lot that I learned in the hotel industry that I still value. Covering over five locations in two years, I learnt to travel & live on my own. Beginning at new places each time taught me how to get on without entitlement. Firsthand experiences with customers taught me the true value of customer delight and care. Finally, when you begin a career cleaning toilets, serving tea and making beds, you really GET the value of being hands on!


Challenges faced:

It will be incorrect for me to state this in the past tense. Yes, I have faced challenges, but never for a moment do I kid myself that the worst is behind me. Most of my key challenges are associated with being bold because not everyone can handle a bold, Indian, single woman who knows what she wants. My strategy for overcoming challenges is simple. Face it heads on, learn, get sharper, better and nicer. Nicer is key because with each challenge I face, I develop deeper compassion for others in my space because when I say, 'I know how you feel', I REALLY DO.


Advice You Would Give To Women:

I often find that women gauge their self-worth by how much they can do for others. E.g., how well they hosted a show, how well they look after the kids etc. My advice here will be to NEVER stop investing in yourself because while caring for others is fantastic, empty cups don't pour.