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Manisha Bacchan | Opeartions - Marketing & Advertising | Females Business Leaders

Manisha Bacchan

Manisha Bacchan

"Never say Never" Manisha Bacchan

My Current Roles & Responsibilities:

I started my amazing journey with HCL, My Mentors; Leads have made me what I am right now. They taught a Rowdy Girl to be calm and find her goal. I still remember I had two Females Business leaders as my Idol Manisha Sabarwal & Easha Rana. Both of them have been exemplary example of perfection and success.

I am talking about time when there were fewer females on top management and they both ruled their world. I was questioned at every turn, and everyone made sure that I was demoralized however seeing both my leaders and how they Pushed and motivated me made me stronger. After that It was no turning back and I have always been successful in what I have done. I still know women are trying to break that ceiling every day however it's tough now days also when we call our corporate environment as "Equal opportunity".


Challenges Faced:

Being a girl and working in a BPO in a night shift was looked with DOUBT.. Everyone in my family questioned what BPO (This was back in 2002) is. However, one day I took my parents to come and visit my office after that their perception changed.

However, it was just a beginning. When I became Team leader, I was single Female amongst 27 others. My 4 out of 5 bosses were males. I felt left out and not appreciated enough. However, with help of my Mentor I made it sure that I was amongst the top of everything I did. I believe in being innovative and thinking out of the box which raised some brows and helped me to be Woman on TOP.

Till today I love challenges and live for that. I believe my journey of 15 Years have taught me to be confident and have a Never say Never Attitude because that is what helped me overcome my challenges.


Words Of Wisdom To Restart Your Career:

"Never say Never" attitude and before you do anything either in your career, life or business think of all the pros and cons, study and do your homework and then do it. People might bring you down however if you just have one person who believes you (Look in mirror for that) then you can do what people can never imagine.

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