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Manager Training - FIS | Anuj Sharma

Anuj Sharma

Anuj Sharma

"The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves." Anuj Sharma

Your Journey While Moving Ahead In Your Career:

I am not well educated, dont have any specialization. I started working during my graduation with a CA firm as an office boy and moved on to BPO. My BPO career gave me many opportunities to learn, train & manage operations and new hires. Currently, I am working as a training manager with a Fortune 500 company.

Being A Part Of The LGBTQI Community & Overcoming Challenges:

It's not every day, but I guess the challenge of the present notion of being gay in India are rudimentary and you have to only prove the notion wrong by doing the best that you can. I feel blessed to have worked with people who never made me feel different anyhow. More so, if you let anything bother you too much, you are carrying a dead weight. I don't fight around for what people could be saying behind my back. I always want them to open the dialogue on their own. To get respect, you have got to give respect to others, their beliefs and space unless they disturb yours.


Advice To Organizations And Others Who Might Be Facing Similar Challenges In The Society Or At Workplace:

Talk openly and don't feel victimized. Be logical and reach out for counselling to the HR and your friends. It's good to even meet likeminded people outside.

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