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Learning & Development - Financial Services | Priya Tiwari

Priya Tiwari

Priya Tiwari

"Recognize the fear is there, but do it anyway" Priya Tiwari

My Journey While Moving Ahead In My Career: 

When I started my career, never thought of coming this far. Accenture gave me a platform to grow by learning different skills. I've learnt what being open minded really means and what a difference that can make. I also learnt to take action, one step at a time, rather than trying to think ahead and see the outcome before I even did anything. You don't have to run. You don't need to know where you're going. Take it one step at a time.


Challenges Faced: 

After putting in my heart and soul to the corporate life, one day I sat down and thought. On paper I was successful, and I should have been happy. Instead, I felt hollow. I started to question what I was doing. All I did for so long was only work.

Many women feel the effects of gender gap during their careers. I always believed, if women want to be viewed as equal in the workplace, they must stand their ground and demand the respect they deserve and it starts by behaving as if the gap has been closed. I have noticed that if you act like there's equality in the workplace, then there will be.

Being a working mom in the corporate world is a daily challenge. Despite the struggle to find balance, my proudest professional moment was when I returned from maternity leave. My simultaneous personal and career success has made me a stronger leader.


Words Of Wisdom To Restart Your Career: 

The best way to overcome fear is to acknowledge it, recognize the fear is there, but do it anyway. If you're too rigid, you could miss one of those serendipitous "aha" moments that could inspire a creative solution or force a different approach. Don't miss out on opportunities that come your way. Put yourself in a position to have those opportunities, know when one is facing you and take it."

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