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Moushumi Gupta

Moushumi Gupta

"Believe in yourself, openly express yourself, Love yourself first and Don" Moushumi Gupta

Navigating Trials and Difficulties

Trials and Difficulties are part of the process to get anywhere. There is no one way to get anywhere and one has to keep an open mind, heart, body, understanding and action taking power towards the results that one is seeking. There is no rule book, neither is there an instruction booklet of achieving success, one has to stay determined to succeed at every step of the way.

In the initial years, failures really hurt, I got demoralized and even depressive but since failure itself was not the end, each time I had to get up and pave a path towards the results that I was seeking. It needed constant improvement, learning, innovating, fighting, arguing over what I believed in, replacing concepts and sometimes people in order to have a right mix of ideas, actions, teams and belief system.

At the later stage, each failure was welcomed as an opportunity to do our job better, we learnt what not to do. Over the years it became a private game to face failure with a smile, and know for a fact that we are moving forward. Now we start with impeccable planning and strategy, while we get after anything at all. Things are pre thought, anticipated, decided, problems pre-empted, solutions on standby and always on the go to the next big step and goal.

All trials and difficulties are figureoutable, we can always find how to do something if we get after it.

Personalized Growth: Building Strong Foundations

My work vision relates to people building and helping them achieve their full potential. There is not one particular area but several areas that have to align with your best strengths, character, personality, thoughts,beliefs, understanding, goals and in general an overall perspective of where one wants their life to be, how they see themselves, how they are going to achieve the same.

Outcome based work or living can be very powerful if we can understand that growth is an inevitable part of life or work or vision. It is an expected consequence of real life, but it is not automatic, and one has to learn how to incorporate growth in every area of their life.

Through multi layered and faceted approaches from the field of science, mental strength, mind development, emotional development, personality, knowledge development, self- care, universal laws of nature, we have developed a deeply personal approach to people building that can be utilized in cross functional ways whether in life or work or socially.

My mission

SUCCESS INDIA is a childhood vision that I had at the age of 14-15 that there is something more to life than just going to school and getting married. I saw people struggling to succeed, saw them fail, commit suicide for not getting to their goals or commit wrongs to get to their goals or just give up. I felt the need to create a support system other than education and empower the human being to face life and its many variations. People seek good and happy all the time, which is untrue, there is a lot in between one stage to another and happiness is a consequence of much hard work and positive attitude.

I chose law as a profession and aimed at creating social impact through the same and was consistently involved in social impact work. But law was not the best resource for people building and I needed to educate further in that space. After re-educating myself specifically in developing human potential, SUCCESS INDIA was launched in India in 2008-9 with a vision to create a parallel space for people building, and providing support as well as answers to the human dilemma, hold the hand in case need be and inspire people to achieve success, not the hard way but the simple smart way.

I am still a lawyer, arbitrator, mediator as a legal professional, coaching has been my passion around building my vision and I am amongst the top business and success coaches in Asia Pacific. I have coached Indian Olympians, got medals for the country, CEO’s, High performance individuals, Media personalities. Also authored books on Women’s Leadership and Self Development and spoken across many countries on the topic as the tacit brand ambassador of the Industry.

How achievements shaped my success

It has allowed me exposure to various segments of society and study cultural differences between the East and the West, spread the India and Eastern version of life and work with the Western counterparts. The Awards are a validation of all the work that has been achieved and helps further the vision of SUCCESS INDIA, People Building and Human Potential Development.

The Role of mentors in my journey

Absolutely, Mentors can make a huge difference to one's journey and shorten the curve. When we were younger, there were others whose voices mattered. Today, I have the space to be a voice for many and for several visions that I stand for.

My first mentors were my parents who were instrumental in instilling values, principles and hard work into our daily life and who believed that good character, honesty and a life of purpose is half the success. I am also an ardent student of Swami Vivekananda and follow his life and principles since the age of 9-10.

As a lawyer, legal luminaries like Justice Krishna Iyer, Senior Members of the Bar have been my teachers and mentors. In the people building space, I am inspired by every person who cuts through any obstacle and shows courage. I watch and observe intently, the human power to keep going and keep winning.

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