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Leadership Coach | Keynote Speaker | Influencer - Deepa Rao

Deepa Rao

Deepa Rao

“Help others to gain self-awareness and insight.” Deepa Rao

Coaching with a Vision:

Coaching has gone from being fad to fundamental. In theory, this means more of employee development, conducted more efficiently. Whereas in reality, only a few managers know how to make coaching work. With a very limited time devoted to coaching, organizations need to be sure their managers know how to do it right. To improve the quality and impact of one’s coaching efforts, it’s important to give individual managers tangible information about how to coach their direct reports. Typically, managers meet their coaching obligations by giving reviews, holding occasional meetings and offering advice. For coaching to be effective, they need to understand why they are coaching and what specific actions they need to take. Coaching focuses on helping another person learn in ways that let him or her keep growing even afterwards. It is based on asking rather than telling, on provoking thought rather than giving directions and on holding a person accountable for his or her goals. Broadly speaking, the purpose is to increase effectiveness, broaden thinking, identify strengths and development needs and set and achieve challenging goals. Hence, to create an effective coaching model that takes care of all the 3 aspects i.e. influence, develop and enhance, I suggest the following steps:

1) Building the relationship. It's easier to learn from someone you trust. So take steps to build more trust with people.

2) Providing constructive and timely feedback. Helping others to gain self-awareness and insight is essential. Provide timely feedback and help clarify the behaviors that an employee would like to change.

3) Challenging thinking and promoting creativity. Asking open-ended questions, push for alternative solutions to problems and encourage reasonable risk-taking.

4) Support and motivate. Being open to the perspectives of others and allow employees to vent emotions without judgment. Motivate without a second thought in the simplest ways.

5) Drive Results. It is about achieving goals. Help set meaningful goals and identify specific behaviors or steps for meeting them.


Powerful Transition towards Entrepreneurship:

I have always been someone for whom learning has been of utmost importance. Any role where I had an opportunity to constantly learn and increase knowledge and expertise was most exciting. It was never about a ‘xxx salary bracket’ or a ‘designation’ that really excited me. And that is when I took a conscious decision to make a move into a consulting role. I wanted to share my knowledge, widen my base to share my learning and experience with others through my training programs & sessions and work with a variety of people and industries. These have been the main reasons for this switch. It wasn’t a great experience in the beginning. Reaching out to people to let them know that I am now self-employed and seeking opportunities wasn’t easy. It took a while to establish a client base and also convince people that I have the ability to run different topics successfully. However, like they say, “All is well that ends well”.


Navigating through Covid-19 Challenges:

Well, these are trying times in a sense. I have been talking to people across various verticals and the lockdown seems to be taking a toll on the mental health of many. This is an appropriate opportunity for leaders and executives to reach out to their teams have heart to heart conversations. This is the time to build stronger teams and plan the future. It is about seeing the positive side of the lockdown. I am of the belief that if leaders are able to keep their flock together and are building strong interpersonal relationships with them; this lockdown is just a few steps backwards to catapult you much ahead. The strategy should be, rising up to the occasion as a leader, backing every team member, empowering them to think and plan post lockdown strategies and more importantly let your team know, we are in it together.


Importance of Healthy Living:

I am sure we all have heard this a zillion times and more “Health is wealth” and what better time for this saying or quote to be more apt. I am sure the last 1 month has made us realize that health is the most important thing and how important it is for each one of us to have not just a healthy body but a healthy mind as well. People across the globe are getting more conscious of the environment, themselves, the food they eat, the air they breathe, about ways and means to keep the mind and body healthy. All this means healthy living. When you become conscious, it increases your awareness that’s when you realize the importance and that’s when one actually starts working towards it. Healthy living for me is do everything in moderation. Don’t starve but eat, however be mindful of what you give your body. Ayurveda says, “The stomach is a key to the brain”. How you eat and what you eat is how you function. The behavior your exhibit, the feelings and thoughts you have, all to a great extent depends on the food you eat. But with eating, exercise is also equally important. It can be in any form, yoga, walk, gym, running -anything! But move your body. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest killers today. Take care of your body and it will take care of you for long! That’s my mantra.


The New Normal:

We will all agree, this has been an extremely serious jolt to mankind. It has not only opened our eyes to a healthy way of living but also emphasized on the importance of work life balance; the lockdown has shown you the things you have been missing. Apart from the need for better health care facilities, personal hygiene and just about the needed distancing; I see aggressive and strategized efforts towards empathy and emotional intelligence training and awareness. If you observe, it is the world leaders with these 2 skills, were able to take quick action and focused decisions. I also see the pandemic enforcing the need to going back to the cultural roots and following the processes that our ancestors practiced, as most are seeing the scientific significance of those today. From the Indian context; Namaste seems to have quickly replaced the handshakes and the hugs.


Words of Wisdom:

First and foremost, it’s a phase and we all will sail through it, so don’t panic. We are all in it together. Big, small, wealthy, poor, old, young, or man or woman doesn’t matter at this time. This is a way of Nature telling us that we have taken it for granted for the longest time. We have been abusing it and how, and the most important and the only things in life that matter are: love, peace, happiness and health and the best part is all of this is free and in abundance to give and receive. Mother Earth and we human beings both needed a break. And this in a way is a well deserved break, so take this time out to learn something new, increase your knowledge, do something you have never attempted before like cooking or any other hobby which you never had time for earlier. Spend time with your loved ones. Function as a family. Things will be difficult economically, financially and in other ways for the next few months but remember we have faced adversities in the past and come out of it victorious. So, chin up and think what you can do to manage this situation better in every way and start taking steps towards it.

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