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International Celebrity Coach | Dr. Jigna Tanna

Dr. Jigna Tanna

Dr. Jigna Tanna

"The price of greatness is responsibility" Dr. Jigna Tanna

Our Role And The Challenges That You Face In Your Day To Day Routine: 

More than a decade back in my late twenties I started my career as a lady builder. I am one among a very few women builders in this country. I started my realty firm along with my husband around 15 years back with a minimal loan from a foreign investor.

The initial journey was full of enthusiasm and excitement as it was the beginning of new learning. But soon the bubble burst with a big bang and we fell down overnight with a huge thud facing the stark reality of hopelessness. But I didn't allow those not so good emotions ride with me. I soon took charge of my emotions and started gathering the tatters of my broken nerves. The challenges were extremely tough & the support was even weaker. But I managed to overcome the hurdles as I possess a winning streak in me since birth. Now, after more than a decade, I successfully run a multi billion dollar construction company.


Advancing My Career Forward:

I generally don't believe in gender bias and according to me, every cell existing on this planet faces challenges to strive and thrive. Yes, being a woman the challenges are more as we have to run the fort at all fronts and multitask 24*7*365 days to maintain the ultimate balance called life. But honestly, I share a deep bonded friendship with my challenges. Due to these challenges, I am standing here victorious. The thought of long, smooth boring days scares the hell out of me. I feel that if the challenges stop, I will fall in a deep vacuum and my mind will go numb without any excitement and thrill.


What Advice Would You Give To Women: 

I would just want to say to all the strong, beautiful, wonderful women out there trotting on this beautiful globe. Everybody is standing, but we must stand out. Everybody is walking, but we must walk the extra miles. Everyone is breaking ground, but we must break through.