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Inspirational Speaker | Life & Spiritual Coach | Harrish Sairaman

Harrish Sairaman

Harrish Sairaman

"A good leader leads the people from above them. A great leader leads the people from within them" Harrish Sairaman

Discovery Of Passion And Challenges Faced:

Usually one gets into this field either because of ‘Inspiration’ or ‘Desperation.’ Mine started with desperation! I was at a point in my life where I could see only roadblocks in every area of life along with an inner feeling of emptiness. However, I did hold on to the ‘Willingness to change’ and ‘hope’. That’s when I reached out to a hypnotherapist and what happened in the next few months was a turning point in my Life.

The transformation I witnessed in my life became a defogger for my future. I could then see what I wanted to do in Life and the transformation that these modalities could bring, which gave birth to my passion and is also now my profession. What started as ‘desperation’ then became an inspiration’ and culminated into my life vision – ‘To live joyfully and to transform as many lives I can until my last breath!’ I can, without an iota of doubt say ‘the challenges of my life, the dysfunction in the family, the multiple breakdowns’ not only became stepping stones but acted as a high-speed elevator for an Empowered Life! It now looks as if all challenges were scripted for a ‘higher purpose!’

Most Powerful And Insightful Way To Awaken Your Audience And Lead Them To Success:

In my experience, multiple factors work in synergy to empower the audience:

1. Authenticity - Being authentic to my intent of empowering lives, and a genuine interest in the participant’s/client’s growth produced magnanimous results. I believe, innate passion and love always has an energy which can be sensed.

2. Insightful humour, breakthrough activities and high energy - The combination of these elements is lethal to low energy, boredom and pessimistic thinking. Relevant humour has the power to bypass our critical filter and impact the subconscious; potentially bringing in the opportunity for transformation in the sessions I drive.

3. Humility & Gratitude - I believe every form of healing and transformation is self- driven and my work acts like a catalyst or a platform where people can shatter their barriers and ‘rise’ in Life. Rather than feeling ‘I have trained more than 2 lacs+ people, I feel my participants and clients have given me an ‘opportunity to work with them’. This belief keeps me grounded and connected with the energy of Grace. I feel I have been given this beautiful opportunity to work with people and hence operating with Gratitude is easy.

Importance Of Individual’s Constant Need To Be Triggered, Inspired And Positively Moved To Be ‘On Track':

Learning is a continuous journey and the ones who understand this, learn with pleasure! I believe everyone should be a ‘student for Life!’. We get busy with life, continuing to live it in a state of plateau most times. The number of events, options and happenings in our life on a daily basis usually smokescreens the peak performance states we could be in. It clouds the mind and we do not end up realizing our own potential. Precisely why, like eating food, brushing teeth or taking a bath one needs to be triggered and inspired not only to be ‘on track’ but also to explore higher possibilities and dimensions of Life.

Steps For Individuals To Enhance Their Resilience And Be Market Ready:

Every challenge brings in an opportunity to become stronger and create multiple breakthroughs. However, one needs to have an eye to spot the silver lining in the cloud of challenge and capitalize on it to become market ‘ready’. The future is well grounded for people who act in the now, think creative, connect with the right people and explore possibilities. The willingness to look beyond existing challenges and seek unrealized potential will enhance their resilience and set them up for future possibilities. Like the old saying goes, Opportunity dances with people who are already on the dance floor!