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Human Resource Leader | Corporate Leader | Dimple Das

Dimple Das

Dimple Das

“Leadership is hard to define, and good leadership even harder. But if you can get people to follow you to the ends of the earth, you are a great leader.” Dimple Das

My Journey While Moving Ahead In My Career: 

My journey started after I completed my MBA and joined a customer care firm in Kolkata. Even though my job was well-paying and I had the comforts of being home while I worked for them, I kept wanting to do something else and chase bigger. Soon enough, I took the biggest risk of resigning from there and moved to Bangalore in 2003- without a job, friends or family.

I look back to this now as a risk that was worth taking. With a few hit and miss, I somehow landed with a job in Intel. Herein I got the chance to work under the best corporate leaders, learnt a lot by observing and building a strong, solid grounding that eventually shaped who I am today. My career has only grown, as the companies I have joined have given me ample opportunities in moving my career forward.


Challenges Faced: 

I never really felt how being a woman was a challenge in any of my roles. For a lot of women out there, rising up the corporate leader becomes a little difficult than the other gender. This is mostly because even though at entry levels the gender ratio in organizations are almost equal, women take backseats during their career progressions because of a variety or reasons like marriage, children, family.

Later when they want to join back after a break, they are filled with a sense of self-doubt that they have missed out on the developments of the years they weren’t working in. This way they do hold themselves back. The key is to have more faith in oneself, work hard, and never give up on your dreams.


My mentor in shaping my Life:

There have been different role models in every sphere of my life. In terms of all the relationships I’ve nurtured I’ve been lucky to get such amazing people around me. One advice I’d like to give would definitely be about the importance of networking. What is more important is nurturing those networks you have- with trust, love and an ethos of giving, empathy and your time.


Words of Wisdom To Restart Your Career: 

I would say that don’t have an iota of self-doubt. Set your goal and you’d be able to deliver anything you plan to. Don’t doubt your abilities, don’t keep questioning yourself. Once you start to nurture self- belief, you will be able to turn the world around. "You can if you think you can, just don't give up.”