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Himanshu Tyagi - "HRAI 40 Under 40" I "Excellence in B2B Publications"

Himanshu Tyagi

Himanshu Tyagi

"Embrace change as it opens doors to new possibilities." Himanshu Tyagi

When a 19-year-old boy stepped into the corporate world in 2005, he felt a mix of excitement and nervousness. The office environment was completely foreign to him, with rows of cubicles, the hum of computers, and the constant buzz of conversations. His knowledge of corporate culture was limited to what he had seen in movies or read in books. However, despite his lack of familiarity, he was determined to make the most of this opportunity.

I began my journey at IBM as a Customer Service Associate. From day one, I was determined to be a sponge, soaking up information and observing the seasoned professionals around me.

Determined to broaden my horizons, I ventured into the highly professional work culture of top multinational corporations- Wipro, WNS, and iYogi, which not only equipped me with invaluable technical & communication skills but also instilled in me a deep understanding of client relations.

When An IT Guy Entered the Realm of Media

A window of opportunity opened wide. It was a moment that beckoned me into the captivating world of media. Doubt and uncertainty crept into my thoughts. "Am I truly meant for this line of work? Will I be able to fulfil the expectations that come with such a role?” I pondered. Countless hours of introspection prepared me to explore the unexplored.

In Jan 2019, I joined the company. As a Manager in a magazine publishing company, I gained deeper insights into how the media industry works. I gradually became a part of many different domains like marketing, backend operations, data, research and team management.

But the once-smooth path I had been walking suddenly took a halt. The dark cloud of the pandemic descended upon the world. Things went upside down and the company I was working for, had to pause its operations. But amidst the chaos and uncertainty, a flicker of inspiration sparked within me. One fine day, as I stood in my garden, watering the plants, a realization struck me.

The idea of being on the other side of the table, of creating something from scratch, ignited a fire within me. The spirit of entrepreneurship was called to me, and I made the bold decision to start my own business.

Life's Masterpiece Emerges Amidst The Sketching Of Alternative Canvases

"How about creating a global media organization that showcases the remarkable success stories of entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the world?" I asked myself. Although the answer to this question was a resounding yes, the greater hurdle was the Covid-19 situation.

Doubts and questions swirled in my mind: 

    Was it the right time to start a business amidst such uncertainty?

    How much capital would I need to bring my vision to life?

    Where would I find the perfect talent to join my team?

    Do I have the necessary resources at my disposal? 

Despite the weight of these questions, the answer remained clear in my heart: "I have to do this!" And there I was with the brand name: The Global Hues- World Meets Media.

With passion as my guiding light and resilience as my shield, I stepped forward, confident that I was on the cusp of something extraordinary.

“The Global Hues would become more than just a media organization. A platform for entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, change-makers, legacy builders, and business heroes to share their success stories. Through the stories they would share, they would ignite a spark of possibility in the hearts of dreamers across the globe,” the entrepreneur in me roared.

The Global Hues- World Meets Media

The Global Hues with its motto ‘Inking Stories That Matter Today and Even More Tomorrow’ covers stories from multiple industries- BFSI, IT, Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare, Interior Design & Architecture, Digital Marketing, Consultancies, and many more to the list. 

We are committed to amplifying unique stories within the business realm, with a dedicated mission to enrich the knowledge of our readers through credible and high-quality content. We firmly believe in delivering trustworthy, and unadulterated business journalism. 

At its core, the firm is built upon the values of honesty, integrity, and transparency. The enthusiastic, creative, and young minds at TGH are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of journalism. 

We ensure that the content published on our platform is factually correct, avoiding unnecessary sensationalism, half-truths, and biased opinions. Through our commitment to truth, integrity, and unbiased reporting, we set ourselves apart, offering a reliable perspective in the world of business journalism. 

In a mere span of three years, TGH has expanded exponentially, connecting with Indian and global businesses through a subscription base that has surpassed 275k. The circulation encompasses a diverse range of individuals, including emerging entrepreneurs, esteemed C-Suite executives (such as CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, and CCOs), venture capitalists and angel investors, as well as influential decision-makers from various industries across the globe.

A Fair Share of Challenges

While The Global Hues has experienced significant growth and success, it has not been without its fair share of challenges. 

    Establishing a business venture amidst the uncertainty brought by the Covid-19 outbreak was a challenging decision 

    Operating a self-funded media organization requires careful financial planning and management 

    The firm has to continuously stay updated with the latest technologies and adapt to them 

 Obtaining exclusive content and arranging interviews with influential business figures can be difficult, necessitating excellent networking and media connections


What’s The Next Step?

We hold a powerful vision: To become a platform that aspires to a better business world. We do not restrict ourselves to just a grandiose title; we responsibly delve deeper into the stories of business tycoons and foster excellence within the business industry. 

By weaving stories that resonate and engaging readers through immersive experiences, TGH strives to bridge the gap between businesses and their customers, fostering connections that drive progress and success. 

Moreover, TGH has embarked on an exciting new journey by expanding its services into the realm of public relations. Its sister company, BudBiz-PR for Budding Businesses, helps businesses create an impressionable footprint in customers’ minds and the marketplace via its PR and advertising solutions. 

With boundless possibilities and an unwavering passion, we aspire to be the catalyst that empowers millions of people around the world.