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Head of Reinsurance Shared Services - Reema Singhal

Reema Singhal

Reema Singhal

"Always own up to your mistakes" Reema Singhal

Some Of Your Personal Success Mantras:

I believe in self-discipline, doing what is right, having a thirst for knowledge, only competing with self and being self-aware. I have never shied away from taking up a challenge, the failures have made me stronger and I take them up as opportunities to learn. I always own up to my mistakes and strive to make sure I am continually developing myself, learning something new, a fact or a skill. I like to ask lot of questions and am not satisfied till the time I know why something being is done.


Using Your Setbacks As Learning Experiences And Make Them Stepping Stones To Future Success:

For me, the setbacks have made me who I am today. They have taught me what is it that I need to improve upon and what I could have done better. I will not say that I do not feel bad about the setbacks, but I make sure I do not get stuck there. It is important for me to do an analysis of what went wrong, decide what needs to change, and move forward.

I have accepted that to succeed you will have to go through some failures, so I do not get deterred by failures anymore, rather use them as opportunities to make myself better and stronger.  Me being a perfectionist, it took time and lot of effort to accept the fact that perfection does not exist, and it is okay to make mistakes. This does not mean I lower the standards of performance for myself or my teams. It is about being accepting of mistakes and being resilient.


Evolution Of Financial Industry From The Past Decade:

In last two decades there have been lot of changes in the industry as well as how we operate and do things. For me, the most important changes have been the changes in technology and talent. The automation and technological advancements are huge, 20 years ago we could not think of accessing our bank accounts on the phone or having information available at our fingertips constantly.

Due to these advancements, laws have changed and so have the governance and compliance requirements. I have also seen the journey from working with generation X to millennials. The skillset needed to do a job and how a job gets done has evolved, as well as what motivates an individual to do a good job has changed tremendously.


Maintaining Work-Life Balance:

I believe there is nothing called a work life balance, for me it is all about prioritization and knowing what is important when. There are times when I have had to prioritize work over family and at times, I have put work on the back burner because the personal life was more important. It is important to have a support system at home as well as at work that you can rely on when needed and that is how you can make sure that all important things in personal and professional life are being taken care of. I also make sure that I take time off work to recharge and pursue my hobbies and passions. I am an introvert person, so having the “me time” is important. I make sure I organize my schedule to give me an ability to do somethings on my own. Doing these things keeps me sane and energetic.


Mentors That Have Guided You Along The Way And Lessons You Have Learned:

Over the years in my career journey, I have worked with loads of people that I look up to and who have helped me grow and develop as a professional and an individual. In my early years, I looked up to my father and wanted to have a work ethic and professional career like him. A colleague of my father who was also our neighbor left a lasting impression on me as she was at a senior level in a bank at the times when most women were forced to be housewives, and the way she managed herself, work and home, made me aspire to be like her and emulate the behaviors she displayed.

Once I joined the corporate world, I have been fortunate to work with lot of wonderful people who took time to support my development. I have three people who I have looked up to and who are still my mentors. They are all very senior leaders, known in the industry and always take time to give me feedback, a listening ear as well as hold up the mirror for me when I need it. My lessons have been learning the importance of executive presence, being confident about your beliefs and values and being genuine. All these things go a long way in being a successful leader.

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