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Founder - HEN India | Entrepreneur | Ruche M Mittal

Ruche M Mittal

Ruche M Mittal

"Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you Ruche M Mittal

My Journey While Moving Ahead In My Career: 

My family business helped me understand basic business structure, be ok to meet new people and interact as I was managing a retail store.

Challenges Faced: 

The challenges were more about fighting through regular norms which exist, and we are made to learn. Like - take graphic design at a space when nobody knew what it is? starting business with a co-founder whom i didn't know- and people thought that's not normal. Also, sometimes I witnessed client thinking a Marwari girl will get married and give birth to kids, who held them back to give the projects, or sometime people being too polite with girls not knowing that's not right for business or for the girl they are talking to...

Words Of Wisdom To Restart Your Career: 

What advice would you give to women who are looking to either restart their career or want to move up the corporate ladder? The one and only piece of advice that I would like to forward is that you all need to believe in yourself. There is no tool more powerful than self-determination & grit.

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