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Founder - Galvanise PR | Women Entrepreneur | Shalini Singh

Shalini Singh

Shalini Singh

"What helped me was my dire urge to learn from anyone and anything that was required to deliver goods/services to our customers" Shalini Singh


Evolving as a Leader:


As a fresh graduate of ordinary standing, I had no fancy qualifications or backing. I learnt every skill and nuance of business operations on the run while tackling, handling and accomplishing the task in hand.

What helped me was my dire urge to learn from anyone and anything that was required to deliver goods/services to our customers. The trait that helped me along the way was seeking perfection and undeterred customer focus at all times.


Inclusivity and teamwork were the anchors which helped me work cohesively across multiple verticals/geographies/organisations. For me it’s always been organisation and customers first – strategizing solutions for them opened the path of my individual growth. Also, I value human relationships and make sure to greet my fellow colleagues first thing in the morning hoping to end the day on the same positive note each day. I am a seeker and explorer with the same fire burning within to go out and make a difference. 


Rising Beyond Challenges:


Yes, corporate life has been an interesting joyride full of ups and downs especially in SCM where one failed attempt to deliver could potentially wash out your 99.99% of successful executions. Overtime, I came to develop the nerve of steel to keep my composure and look out for all possible means (process changes) to avoid those pitfalls next time. At such moments I heavily banked upon my integrity and diligence, played the role of safety valve/punching bag while again digging my neck deep to resolve/iron out issues, never mixing people and issues.


Pragmatic Approach to New Environment:


Working with some of the world’s top-notch organizations on the global footprint exposed me to plethora of diverse work cultures, best practices and cross section of humanity which otherwise was not so common until a few years ago. Most of these were very well regulated and well-oiled giants, sometimes over-bearing with their brilliance and intellect.


With each transition came a Pandora box of surprises to the extent of way work was done, systems and processes…even the business language would change. Hence, I always parked my old baggage outside the door, unlearning the old and learning the new before I started to put to play my accumulated experience. These were the most refreshing times of letting fresh breeze flow in through doors and windows of mind and assimilate new learnings.


Influence of my Mentor:


I think I am lucky to have a guide/mentor or lighthouse at each of the organisations I have worked for, and I can proudly say that they inspired me to be better today than yesterday through one on one or remote observation – Dabur, GSK, BD India, Siemens Healthineers … in fact each of these organisations have such wonderful inspiring examples which shapes us provided we seek them out. Also, one’s own individual belief system and life philosophy plays a vital role in shaping up into who you become. I have been lucky on both counts and can’t underplay their role in my journey.


Powerful Lessons of Leadership:

I am not really fond of slogans, but I would urge each one of us to never stop working on ourselves to become the best version of ourselves in whatever endeavor we engage in.  

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