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Founder - Finex Media & Traveller | Entrepreneur | Ashima Kalra

Ashima Kalra

Ashima Kalra

"Instead of freaking out about contraints, we embrace them" Ashima Kalra

Your Role And The Challenges That You Face In Your Day To Day Routine: 

I am the founder of Finex Media Services & also of an online magazine, Iscreamsundae.com. For me, scaling up my business has been a big challenge. The day I dreamt about having my venture, I never thought I'd be needing big degrees from renowned universities or external funding or the former one to get the latter. However, that never stopped me from dreaming big and making things work. In all these years of serving the industry, we have built up a strong clientele that's sticking to us, holding our backs firmly and helping us grow. A customer recommending you personally in their circle is the best appreciation and just the kind of scale up a business needs!


Passion That Drives You And Managing To Follow Your Dreams Along With Your Professional Life: 

In my case, I feel I am blessed with the best. Running my venture, building connections and traveling have been my passions for life & I am perfectly able to manage these three. A woman getting enough support from her family to forget about household chores and concentrate on business, it's not something everyone is able to get. So yes, blessed with the best :)


About Traveling: 

Traveling makes me feel content. One trip a month! That's the pact me and my partner have been following from couple of years now. So much so that we have a blog - trippius.com, which we keep updating whenever we get time because we travel more and tell less!


Your Travel Bucket List: 

Egypt & Greece are on top for now. I could have listed so many here but I live in present and like to fill my bucket list with soon to be achieved targets only :)


Your Most Treasured/Memorable Trip: 

That would be Ladakh. Its serenity mesmerizes me every second I think about it. I've explored many places in India and some International locations also - Maldives, Singapore and Thailand. From all the places I've been to till now, I find India really fascinating.


Advice For Others:

First find out what your passion is. I've talked to so many who do not know what their real passion is. Once you know, look within and be like 1000% sure if you really want it. By this time, I guarantee you will be already on the way to act towards it and balancing would not be a big deal. You'll always find the ways to work around it. I totally believe in this phrase from Bollywood, Agar tum kisi cheez ko dil se chaho to poori kayanat tumhe usse milane me jutt jati hai. Boss, ek baar kuch dil se chah ke to dekh!

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