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Founder at RIGHT2RISE | Thought Leader | Mentor | Raina Khatri Tandon

Raina Khatri Tandon

Raina Khatri Tandon

"Diversity is common to us and we need to come together and celebrate it." Raina Khatri Tandon

Building an early foundation:

As a child, I have always been a curious one! Early in my life, I realised the importance of learning in order to grow as a person. Leadership is not one of the values that we are innately gifted with- but is over time only nurtured and built through the paradigms of the greater society and circles we become a part of. From my days as a kid, I recollect active learning being one of the major values my parents had inculcated in my life; my mother would make sure I learn something new every summer and take initiatives.

I always push myself to widen my horizons and learn new things, thus, studying about the streams of digital technology, robotics and animation turned out to be a big boom for my life. My breakthrough was also through my decision to pursue Masters in London where I was alone in a completely new place but my goals, plans & strategies and the bigger picture in my head made things look not just possible but also an amazing journey to have.  


Breaking Barriers:

Life is supposed to have challenges, paralyze you at times and bring you to places where you feel uncomfortable. At best, you have to be smiling through them. Embracing failures with optimism is what derives the best output from these challenges of life. Every hurdle that I have battled has brought me closer to my inner voice- this is the time I listen to my heart, listen to the pep-talk I have with myself on what life means to me.

Accepting the truth is the start of it- things are always not under your control and that's how it is supposed to be. About relationships in the journey, there will be times when you have to walk past people and leave some behind while others take a different tract when you want them to be a part of yours- at the face of these you have to keep reminding yourself that the destination in store for you is beyond beautiful, you carve your own journey through the stones and rabble, even if you occasionally trip and fall, embrace calm and peace. Trust the process, even if you don't find your solution, you will eventually but surely walk past it. 

Finding the right people, funding your finances with your endeavors, finding the right trajectory for my work- all those things are a learning process. Everything will come to you by listening to the right people, reading about the right people or challenging your mind to seek learning. Life won't be perfect all the time; it's in the mind where you find your mantra. Work hard, complain less, listen more, learn and grow and don't let people mask your journey ahead, it's beautiful beyond the immediate walls you see.  


‘RIGHT2RISE’ & how it's changing the world: 

RIGHT2RISE is India's first and only ISO certified company, with our efforts to add quality in what we offer. We believe, "In every woman there is a man and every man compliments a woman in some way. No matter what gender you are, if you reflect into each other, you'll find an element of you that resides. When you embrace this, you'll see how beautifully you emerge in equity and connection with each other, rising to power together.”

We are a comprehensive, posh, solution organization that works towards gender neutral and ethical workplaces, giving individuals the sense of belief that each one of us can rise and have the right to do so. A safe, healthy, conducive environment brings out the maximum potential of individuals. We believe in equality of opportunities, voices, space and rights.

We want to create safe ecosystems- a country and a world where individuals and organizations offer safety, respect, trust and values to create the best outputs from it. Our long term vision is in designing and developing a safe world with awareness programs for men, women, members of the LGBTQ+ & children and sensitization on mental resilience and gender bias attitudes. Establishing and institutionalizing these values in every system, community and background is what our future would surely work towards. 


Cultural Diversity- A necessity in our changing world:

As the most diverse country, inclusion has always been in our blood. Diversity is like having a seat on the table, inclusion is like having a voice, and belongingness is that voice being heard. What we need is, to hear these voices of people over and again, it's never too late to give up those biases, prejudices or perceptions.

The world needs to bring these differences and uniqueness together to have the best outputs from the community. It's only an attitude to change that we seek- diversity is common to all of us and we need to come together and celebrate it. We do have goals, we have rights and laws, the change that we need is to step forward and start executing it- at work, in school, in the household. We have to remove the glasses of judgement and celebrate each other for who we are. 

Insanely powerful lessons from my mentors:

This one is very close to my heart! My first lesson of mentorship was the active learning guidance from my parents. There were professors in college who I drew inspiration from. Everybody who you meet through your journey up is a mentor. In my biggest breakthrough from switching up a 9-5 corporate job to be a trainer and mentor for others, I got the chance to meet a fellow mentor who gave me the best guidance then, making me see abilities in me that I couldn't readily realize by myself. He reinstated in my mind how I wasn't meant for a cliché, regular job but to bring out better to this world, to touch lives.

He pushed me to be the leader that shows the best in people by showing me my absolute best abilities and potentials. Every instance of the greatest mentorship blessing for me has been those times when I was shown my strengths and empowered to be better than before. I am forever grateful for my mentors for all they can bring to my life- I have a health mentor, a fitness coach, a husband as a critic, my son and it's just been a very happy journey under the wings of some amazing mentors. I've learnt big lessons to be ethical at work, never stop learning, break away from inhibitions and to keep evolving towards betterment. Both as a mentor and a mentee - it's a bonding of a lifetime.

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