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Founder at Happy Soul India | Life Coach | Pooja Bedi

Pooja Bedi

Pooja Bedi

"Focus on your dreams not your fears" Pooja Bedi

Using Your Setbacks As Learning Experiences And Making Them Stepping Stones To Future Success:

The quality and journey of your life is not determined by what happens to you, but is dependent on how you respond to it. You can see something as failure or an attempt to achieve. Edison had a 1000 failures before his lightbulb came alive. Those who allow themselves to be scarred by a “failed” relationship deny themselves the opportunity to find love again. You can look back and thank the past for all the experiences and learnings obtained from it and feel empowered, or you can choose to play victim and feel shattered. I thank every part of my past for all that it brought into my life because I am the person I am today as a result of it. I have no regrets, because I gave everything I wanted to do my 100%. If it was a lack of 100% on my end that led to things not panning out the way I envisioned them, then it would have been a regret. There is a lovely quote, “the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have”.


Your Journey And Reason To Venture Into The World Of Entrepreneurship:

I have donned many professional hats over the past 30 years journeying from films, modelling, brand ambassadorship, Reality tv, Talk Show host, Relationship Columnist, author, life coach and now entrepreneur. Interestingly, all of these today have combined to create and give power to Happy Soul. My media personality lends to giving it profile and a ready consumer base for the ecommerce and retail vertical, my skills in front of camera and as a talk show host are perfect for the wellness channel vertical, whereas my 12 years of study, research and certifications in various meta sciences lend to a solid and credible knowledge base to empower every vertical of wellness and take the brand and company from strength to strength.


Discovery Of Passion For Expediting The Process Of Empowerment & Wellness For Individuals:

I am the 18th direct descendant of Guru Nanak ji, my paternal grandmother, Freda Bedi was one of the most renowned buddhist nuns who has 3 biographies written on her remarkable life and my Paternal grandfather Baba Bedi was a well known and respected healer in Italy. My mother, Protima Bedi, was deeply immersed in spirituality, philosophy, theosophy and I grew up with a healthy awareness of quantam physics and the incredible worlds of various metasciences. My 12 years of study in NLP (neurolinguistic programming), Clinical & spiritual hypnosis, Reiki, Shamanism, Heal your life, Magnified Healing etc deeply resonated with an understanding of human beings, their patterns, limitations and the incredible connection between thought, emotion and disease. Health care as we call it is actually sick care as it’s all about caring for people who are sick and is focussed only on the physical aspects. True health care is holistic and encompasses mind, body and soul and is preventive and healing. Wellness is a 6 trillion dollar industry globally and India has a sizeable chunk of that market. The current pandemic has only made wellness more and more relevant as people realise it should be their number one priority.


Your Mentors:

I have been hugely inspired by my mother, her spirit, never say die attitude, how she turned every challenge into an opportunity, followed her heart and her dreams and passionately enjoyed the journey of life till her last breath. In addition, Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie and also Jaggi Vasudev Sadhguru have  made a massive impact on the belief systems I possess today, and in the way I view life, relationships, empowerment and my journey on the planet.


Your Advice To The Upcoming Generation:

To identify and break belief systems that don’t serve them. These could be an attitude that really doesn’t serve them, where towards work, a certain lifestyle, the opposite sex, relationship with money, role playing and even when it comes to feeling guilty about making themselves matter over others. You are on this planet to experience a crazy, passionate, intense, happy, sad, mad journey with many ups and downs. Don’t fear it, embrace it in all it’s colours and realise it’s a short-lived roller coaster, so rather than get caught in playing the system, play out your dreams and live to your fullest potential. Revel in your individuality, make your life matter, and rather than being caught up with time consuming small mindedness, always see the bigger picture. Most importantly, focus on your dreams not your fears.

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