"Always endeavor to be a constant learner"

My Journey While Moving Ahead In My Career: 

My journey as an HR Professional has been very dynamic, diverse and interesting. I got to lead large roles early in my career. Prominent ones include the Chief Diversity and Talent Officer for Citi Group where I led the agenda for India while working with Citi's Regional and Global Office.I started with an initiative aimed at sensitizing Citi's leadership team through an intervention aimed at raising awareness of unconscious biases through a powerful Corporate Theatre methodology demonstrating the issues women face at the workplace. As a result, the Leadership team openly expressed sensitivity to the gender issues which was never done before.


Challenges Faced:

The challenge that I faced though was the deep seated unconscious biases that every woman faces, these were also a part of my journey. I had to be brave enough each time, combat those biases and establish a process to remove them from our culture permanently. I wanted to change the Corporate world and change the society and hence I had to rise above my context and my own limitation to be a role model for others to emulate - not once but always as it was a responsibility. But rather than being defensive, I worked with my context and leaders by allowing them to recognize these non-inclusive behaviours as unconscious and created a positive space where leaders can understand, acknowledge and change those behaviors to more inclusive.


Words Of Wisdom To Restart Your Career:  

I constantly endeavor to go beyond the organizational boundaries and create value for external stakeholders like customers and communities by building intangibles like organizations brand, leadership and governance. I always endeavor to be a constant learner.

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